Short Report on the Forums


Short Report on the Forums

Numbers Game

It has been over a month since we moved to the new forums. I thought I would put together a short report of where we stand on them. In the past month, we have seen close to a hundred people sign up for the forums. Our current members, who have signed into the new forums, is setting at 116 members. The top topic viewed was Old Forum Threads: Archive and Transferring with 1584 views. Since this is a topic that we put on the forums as a form of an archive, I am going to include the next two most viewed topics. Naga Sadow's Orian Assembly: Reclaiming Our System got 317 views and one like. Arcona's Nighthawk – Strange and Beautiful got 119 views. In total, according to the dashboard readout, there are 86 topics and 466 posts. We are seeing around 20 visits to the forums a day. On June 24, 2014 we managed to get 46 visitors.

June's Posters of the Month

I apologize for the numbers game in the beginning of the report, so I want to close by pointing out the group that stood out on the forums for the month of June. From the numbers above, it is only fair to say that the posters who have attracted the most attention are from Naga Sadow. They have put together a story that currently has 25 posts and has been read over 300 times. Thank you for providing an entertaining and captivating story. Please, keep working on it.

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