Social Media Tribune Report #2: Exciting times


Social Media Tribune Report #2: Exciting times


Good evening ladies, gentlemen, and non human species of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. My expectations for this report were for it to drop after the Solo movie release. However life decided I was needed and 2 weeks later here I am. My apologies if anybody missed me, but all complaints will be directed to Howie 8-P Jokes aside this report will go on to highlight some of the positive results we have reached through our outreach, quick update on competitions, a call for applications for a Social Media assistant/peer, and lastly a joint project with the Headmaster. Read on for more information.

Activity on Our Platforms

Our biggest hit so far has been Facebook by a landslide. Instagram has been great as well, but a bit slower to gain and maintain followers. Twitter is another beast unto it’s own with followers increasing by 1,000 on some weeks and then decreasing 500 the week after. Not sure what to make of that, but the activity is there.

However the current competitions utilizing them have helped gain some good traction helping gain and maintain a stable user following, but the targeting strategies for Social Media change almost everyday. Our platforms did earn some great boost in subscribers from May 4th be with you and the Solo release.

Below I have input some pictures of stats for your fancy. Metrics have decreased slight since last update, but it was expected due to the two major dates for Star Wars fans back in May. However the numbers themselves still remain healthy and our outreach is still continuing to reach fans worldwide.

Social Media Followers Prior to May 4th and 7 Days After


One Month Page Metrics

May 22nd 2018 - June 18th 2018


As always keep a close look out for all platforms we are currently utilizing as we move forward with our outreach campaign across social media and please like, comment, subscribe, and follow if you can. Every member that does will only help us further improve our footprint.

Competition Updates

Both Instagram and Twitter competitions received a nice welcoming. I appreciate everyone who helped by participating. However I did want to address some upcoming changes. I do plan to move the Twitter competition to a bi-weekly event and trivia questions will be randomly posted just a few days a week during that time frame. So make sure your notifications are on if you want to participate. If activity picks back up with the Twitter competition then I will definitely consider returning it more frequently.

I did have a minor hiccup as the organizer with Twitter that I wanted to say thank you to Howie, Evant, Halc, James, Teylas, and the participants for their patience and help with correcting it. Everything has been corrected, but I know updates to a already completed competition takes additional effort to help fix. Thank you for understanding.

In regards to the Instagram competition I highly encourage participants to submit their image in the competition page as well as chat to help me when adding participants. Please make sure the art you sent was created by you though. Thanks again for your work as you all have been kicking butt. Look forward to more coming up once I update the future competitions.


“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse @kamichat

Applications for Social Media Staff Member

After discussing with Mav, I want to open up applications for members to become a Social Media Staff member. Currently I’m seeking 1 member at this time, but if the applications have some great ideas and plans to help growing community further I would be hard pressed in petitioning for 2 members.

Applications are to be sent to me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] no later than July 4th. This position while essentially helping the Social Media Tribune will be more focused on assisting in future projects, updating the wiki page as needed, creating/running competitions geared towards boosting our platform interest/activity, and helping in brainstorming the changing landscape of outreach that can further our voice on Social Media.

I am accepting applications from all member regardless of rank, but do expect members who have used Social Media at some point and are familiar with the three major platforms the DJB uses (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Real life experience can also be used in your application if it is relevant. I look forward to your applications and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Future Collaboration with the Headmaster

Seraphol had previously come up to me with an idea that sounded like a great opportunity to help new members who join, and also our fellow Star Wars lurkers in Social Media land.

I won't go into a tremendous amount of detail as it is in the early stages. Our collaborative goal is to create short videos that will help explain quick bits on relevant DJB topics to help folks learn about many different aspects of the DJB. Think activity, how to, etc. The goal is to add a user friendly process and help folks just joining as well as giving a bit more information to people looking to learn more about us before pulling the trigger to join.

Keep an eye out on the Headmaster’s next report for a bit more detail on our project moving forward.


In Closing

Thats all for this edition from your Social Media Tribune. Keep on eye out on new competitions being released in the future. As always if you have any ideas, thoughts, or concerns please feel free to email, or PM me on telegram.

Until next time folks,


Good stuff, Maximus! Love seeing the strong numbers for social media presence.

This all sounds excellent. Glad to see we have healthy numbers and will do what I can to help. :)

I can't wait to see more. :)

What's social media? Is it that facie pages thingy?

That image is so wrong. Git commit, git push, THEN leave building.

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