Soulfire BTL Report #1


Soulfire BTL Report #1

Soulfire Strike Team Report #1


Well, I've already spoken to all of you, so I won't go over everything again. For anyone not in the squad who is being a super spy (or is really bored) and reading this, hi. I'm back. On to regular business, it's been a quiet few weeks for everyone as we recover from the grueling series of competitions that have been the norm over the past few years, and hopefully we'll all be able to coax up a bit more activity soon and bring ourselves back up to full speed. That said, I know for a fact that for me at least, this past weekend has been more than a little bit hectic. I've been working with several other members on some ideas for fictional development for the team, so keep your eyes peeled for that, as well as a few competitions here and there for you to sink your teeth in to and pad your prestige out with.


-_-I am the new BTL of the squad, unlucky guys.

-_-Andrelious has stepped down and now finds himself sitting pretty on the Galeres house roster. He did a damn lot of good with this team, so if you see him be sure to give him a pat on the back and thank him.

-_-Not a huge amount apart from that, other important news can be found in the House report, the Clan report or on the DJB news page. Go have a look!


-_-Andrelious, Kooki, Saskia and Scarlet have left us for pastures new, good luck guys!

-_-Griever, Valtiere and Celahir have joined us for the good fight, make them welcome!


-_-Mordaman Bast has been promoted to Guardian, awesome work!

-_-Griever nabbed himself an AC, grats!

Shadow Academy:

-_-Mordaman Bast has completed Sith Core and Krath Core, keep up the good work!

Closing Thoughts:

So yeah, not a whole lot in this first report, I'm aiming to have some more information for you from my next report onwards. Have a nice few weeks, kick back and look forward to more stuff coming your way in the not too distant future.

Song of the Week:

Until next time,

SWL Nadrin Erinos Arconae

Go Soulfire!

I like the straightforward report format. Do you take song suggestions? :P

I do :P

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