Soulfire Report #3


Soulfire Report #3

An incredibly tired looking Andrelious entered Soulfire’s Ready Room. The team had been waiting for some time for their Captain’s arrival, but none of them dared to point out his lack of punctuality.

”Apologies for my lateness. Kooki and I had a rather difficult night with the twins. I trust that you’ve heard the news?” Mimosa-Inahj queried.

”The Dark Council have ordered us to Nicht Ka. Already heard it over the waves several days ago.” Riverche answered.

”Good work, as usual, River. You’ve really taken well to that communications specialist role. Good to see you’re all here, as well.” the Warlord stated, almost forgetting that Nadrin had transferred to Qel-Droma.

”Can’t we just stay here, Dad?” Saskia asked.

”I hate it too. We owe the Council nothing. But the orders from the summit are clear. Our own plans will be for nothing if we don’t follow them,” the ex-Imperial stated.

”So let’s do what we need to, but I won’t be sticking my neck out,” the Slicer replied, a dark aura instantly clouding the girl.


The Fading Light III Vendetta has begun! There are five events, which I have detailed below. Already myself, Riverche and Saskia have all submitted to various events. I’m hoping to see many more Soulfire submissions as the competition draws on!

Taking part in these events is important for both yourself and the Clan. Not only will taking part earn you a shiny Seal of the Crusader, but it will also count in your favour when we next review your activity! Furthermore, every event you complete helps our participation ratio, which will give the Clan more fleet points and allow us to beef up our military. Finally, if Arcona places in the top three, we’ll get to add a new ship to our fleet. This will be one of an Imperial-II class Star Destroyer, a Nebula class Star Destroyer, or a Republic class Star Destroyer.


The only competitions currently running are the five events of the Fading Light III Vendetta. These are as follows:

Fiction: There is a traitor on the Dark Council. Write about your character discovering who this traitor is and how they interrogate the DCer’s staff to find out more.

Trivia: A trivia event. I can’t reveal much other than that the questions are based on the Dark Crusade and Fading Light.

Graphics: Design the inside of the hexagonal fortress found on Nicht Ka.

Puzzle: A Star Wars twist to a common everyday puzzle.

Gaming: With Pazaak, gaming is perhaps the easiest event to participate in. All you need to do is play 3 games against somebody from another unit.

For all of these events, both Saskia and I are available to give advice through IRC and email. Don’t be afraid to ask other members for advice, either!

Awards & Roster Changes

KAP Saskia Ortega-Inahj: Seal of the Crusader & 6 Clusters of Fire!

Captain’s Corner

Thank you to all of you who have already submitted for the Fading Light Vendetta. Shortly after this report is out, I’ll be mailing you all individually to try and help you boost your own participation. Remember that every single event you take part in helps the Clan. As has been said before, even if you only have a few minutes to spare, that’s still enough to make an acceptable graphic or put in an acceptable attempt at the trivia or puzzle.

Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

Soulfire Captain

Great report! Keep fighting the good fight in gaming Mark! #tigerblood

Still loving the fiction intro, Mark. Way to go! #tigerblood

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