Spectre Cell Report #4 - Truth-or-Dare


Spectre Cell Report #4 - Truth-or-Dare


Hello everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood murder-lizard, and welcome to the next edition of the Spectre Cell report!

It'll be a short report this month, but be on the look-out for things to heat-up come march, as we're going to be going into another round of events and competitions.

Spectre Cell News

No major changes for Spectre Cell this month, though we’ve had a number of shake-ups on the Clan and House level. RP-nights are still a smash hit, and it warms my heart to see you all out there having fun with your characters. I dare say you can expect this to continue for some time to come.

Clan News

The Consul report contains a big shake-up on the Clan level. Our previous Proconsul, Terran, has stepped down allowing Uji to take the reigns as the clan’s new second-in-command. If you haven’t, make sure to congratulate him on the position! Along with this, new House spending accounts have been announced, meaning that Galeres will soon have the money and resources to crush all those who oppose us! Credits are handed out based on activity, so if you want cool stuff, make sure to do all the things!

The previous Galeres Report by our robo-lizard Aedile was deceptively small but meaty. Check it out if you can, and make sure to read through the lovingly crafted House fiction near the end of the post!

Brotherhood News

A subject near to my heart, the Combat Master has released a report, dictating some new changes to ACC documentation and, more significantly, some major alterations to the ELO system. Check it out if you like beating people up.

The Voice has released a new report detailing the next step in the Brotherhood’s storyline. This storyline is expected to carry us up until the next war so if you want to stay up to date make sure to give it a look.


  • Arcona Valentine’s Day - These comps are still ongoing for a few more days. For those procrastinators out there, don’t forget about them! Show Arcona some love!

  • Brotherhood Rising - Going with the new Storyline update, the Voice has released a multi-objective comp for you all. Add your own personal touch to the Brotherhood’s fictional history and figure out how your character fits in.

  • Dramatic Irony - The voice has also released a writing workshop comp for anyone with a burning passion for Fiction. Get your ironic glasses on and show him what you got!


Now that I have you all thoroughly bored, you can now leave without hurting my feelings. See you all again soon Spectres!


I am having sooo much fun with the RPing via telegram. Thank you for providing us this outlet! Awesome report.

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