Star Chamber Appointment


Star Chamber Appointment

Members of the Dark Brotherhood,

Darth Aeternus has completed his two year term as a member of the Star Chamber. Please take this time to thank him for his service to our club and his continued dedication to our membership.

Section 3.02 of the Covenant, Membership in the Star Chamber, details the requirements for the selection process of new Temporary Voting Members. The nomination fell to Grand Master Cotelin during this period and the Star Chamber held a week of discussions on the matter.

I am happy to announce the selection of Master Anshar Kahn Tarentae as our newest Star Chamber member. Anshar will serve a two year period starting back dated from 31 December 2018.

  • No permanent voting member issued a veto during the selection process.

Thank you for your service, Korras.

Just a continuation. We ask extremely senior members of our club to put forth two years of effort in these positions. During that time they are responsible to provide counsel to the sitting Grand Master, work hand in hand with the permanent Star Chamber members, and participate in the evaluation of the club’s goals and sitting Grand Master’s performance. Korras fulfilled these duties exceptionally well throughout his service and provided me an amazing amount of nuanced advice on decisions ranging from Clan closures to the selection of my replacement. I am grateful to have had him as my advisor and later as my Star Chamber peer.

Neato! Thanks for your work, Korras, and welcome to the super secret club, Anshar.

I love this personnel exchange. If anyone should stand where Korras stood, it should be Anshar. Our Clan may be gone but the legacy of Tarentum will never die.

I want to give a special, personal thanks to Korras. He advised the Grand Master during a particularly difficult time where he was forced to remain neutral at the prospect of his home Clan of a decade being shuttered. He met that challenge with the poise and dignity befitting a member of the Star Chamber. His voice was reassuring and necessary, even if the end result isn't what I and very likely he, would have liked.

Is there a list of star chamber members somewhere?

Scroll to the bottom. Wiki page search my friend, you should know better :p

Its outdated ofcourse, but I assume pravus is emirtus now, Mav is GM and the darth dude is replaced with Anshar.

Ohyeah and Malik replaced Val,

Thank you, Korras. It was a pleasure serving with you on the Star Chamber, albeit briefly. And congratulations, Anshar! I'm hard-pressed to think of someone better suited to the job.

Also, Mark --

Thank you, Korras, for your service. You've always had an eye for the betterment of the club as a whole and been a great example for me over the years of what to strive for. Considering the selflessness I've seen from Anshar over the years to serve this same mindset I can't think of anyone better to follow in your footsteps.

*membership updated on the wiki page

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