Statement to the Membership


Statement to the Membership

Hello all,

As you may have seen, I have been nominated as the next Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood by Mav. I’ll try and lean on what precedence there is for this, I think it’s gone well in the past. To prepare for this, I wrote a letter to the Electorate to discuss my objectives, plans, and visions. Although written for that purpose, I want to share with the entire membership to review because at the end of the day the experience of everyone in the organization matters. I did my best to convey those objectives and plans I find most important, as well as give insight into what fuels those plans.

As was done in the past, I want to make myself available to answer any and all questions the members might have. I will accept and answer questions posed by the Electorate in the coming days or weeks and record this conversation and feedback in a Google document. If you happen to have any questions, please bring them to your Consul so that it can be asked of me.

Here is the latest link to my Q&A responses (V3):

I know that quite a few people know who I am. However, from popping in and out of Telegram chats quite a few people also likely have no idea who I am or where I came from. Without going too far back I’ve been around for a while, my dossier says 2000. Which would put me back in High School so that sounds about right. I’ve gamed. I’ve grown and developed a character through fiction. I pretend I can do art. I look at spreadsheets. I try and find excuses to include raptors. I’ve taken and written Shadow Academy courses. I get medals remanded like the best of us. I’ve had a bunch of good ideas. I’ve had twice as many bad ideas.

I originally joined Clan Scholae Palatinae way back when to get a lightsaber on the robe creation tool, then rejoined years later in Tarentum, had a fling with Odan-Urr, but ultimately have most recently called Scholae Palatinae home. At least the last time I actually represented a Clan. Though never a Consul myself, I find the position to be one of the most important there is that someone can take on and I learned a lot working alongside Xen. I was given an opportunity to serve the Dark Council as Praetor to the Master at Arms by Aabsdu where I got introduced to Howie. Then given a chance to become a full Dark Councilor as Voice by Pravus where after launching the Fiction Society was given the full attention and resources to launch Possessions. So I got to create my own new role as the first Regent. I had more I wanted to accomplish but the plans were already written and the time felt right to hand off the reins to Atra who has done an amazing job. I got a chance next to serve as Deputy Grand Master to Mav, to focus on member experience, to practice what I’d learned and oversee a Vendetta, and get involved in lots of time spent hiring people and reviewing proposals, and learning the Grand Master role.

Brotherhood aside, however, I work in supply chain development. I am a program manager and an engineer. I spend a lot of time with schedules, dates, costs, problems, and processes. I work weird hours with people all across the world in a range of time zones driving validation hardware and development boards to enable new technology. It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s rewarding, but it definitely isn’t Star Warsy enough for me. When I’m not doing that I’m playing video games with my kids and my wife. Not all of those are Star Warsy either but they enjoy Minecraft and Among Us.

So here I am, still full of ideas, good and bad, ready to see what sticks and make this whole organization more fun and rewarding for everyone involved. It’s been here to help me forge some amazing friendships, and I hope it’s done the same for others. I hope by my influence and time as Grand Master I will leave it in a better place when my term ends.

Evant Taelyan

Certified Project Managers for the win!

Great stuff Darth Logistics.

I look forward to seeing what your plans are, Evant!

Love these draft plans, can't wait to see them in action. Electorate, vote yay or I'll... Hmm cry or just be grumpy?

im interested in seeing how your plans develop.

Excellent Lord Supply chain. Looking forward to seeing what your vision has to offer.

Evant, I enjoyed serving alongside you on the DC and I'm certain that you'll make a fantastic GM!

Interesting set of plans, I think a good middle ground between keeping what is already great about the DJB and an ambitious vision.

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store and are able to accomplish.

All hail Darth Numbers

Lord Darth Abacus

All these attempts at puns and no Excel Kun?

Thank you for taking time to answer questions and providing some clarity. I firmly believe that you are an excellent choice for GM. I look forward to seeing the new improvements and what exciting things you will come up with in the future.

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