Strike-Team Ooroo Report #012515


Strike-Team Ooroo Report #012515


We have sworn to protect the innocent by destroying any traces of the Dark Side. We infiltrate. We observe. We strike hard, fast, and precise. We are nowhere but we are everywhere. We are Strike-Team Ooroo.

Start the Year with a War!

I know you guys are all amped for Round 2 of the GJW to begin so this will be just a quick report. I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and good luck on the battlefield!

Ok so…

These events are big for us as a House. They are our chance to show the rest of the Brotherhood that we don’t have to be dark to kick some @$$. EVERY, I can’t stress this enough, EVERY submission helps earn us Participation Points, which factor in a great deal towards our final score. We currently have 14 members. If each of us submit to at least two events, even if it’s not our strongest events, that gives us a huge boost in participation. Many members of HOU sat idle during Round 1. We need to fight even harder this next round to make up for it. I have seen this unit do some pretty big things. I know StO can help win this for HOU.

Also, last year we started Project: Homeward Bound. Once the GJW is over, we need to finish this up. This year we need to focus on becoming efficient and be able to bang these things out. I want to be able to look at Liam and say “Create an entire planet, government and society? Boom. Done. What else do you got?!”

Not to mention, I’m geeking out about featuring the Tipsy Tusken in a report fiction!


Welcome to Ooroo!

Junazee and Talis!


  • Junazee to Defender!

  • Talis to Protector!


  • Sang- 9 Scrolls of Foundation and 16 Clusters of Fire

  • Rangel- 2 Clusters of Fire

  • LaLa- 23 Clusters of Fire

  • Seridan- 1 Crescent with Emerald Star

  • Junazee- 96 Clusters of Fire

I'm Revak Kur. You stay classy, New Tython ;P


GP Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar- Pin# 10407

CSV Sanarai Iridana- Pin# 12301

CSV Krandon Lucian Firebringer- Pin# 8629

SC Gon Doru- Pin# 12767

SC Revak Kur- Pin# 12656

JK Zeon Blacktooth- Pin# 10301

JK Seridan Brehevik- Pin# 13767

PAD Rangel- Pin# 13387

PAD John Brown- Pin# 13968

PAD LaLa- Pin# 13998

DEF Junazee- Pin# 14072

PRT Enric Galazin- Pin# 14012

PRT Talis- Pin# 14096

PRT Autumn Axiuos- Pin# 14004

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