Strike-Team Ooroo Report #112514


Strike-Team Ooroo Report #112514


We have sworn to protect the innocent by destroying any traces of the Dark Side. We infiltrate. We observe. We strike hard, fast, and precise. We are nowhere but we are everywhere. We are Strike-Team Ooroo.

Project: Homeward Bound

This will be our “Self-Centered” report. I could go into how the trailer for The Force Awakens opens in select cities on Friday, how I think you all should take the new Leadership Management course offered by the Shadow Academy, or even how awesome you guys did during the last leg of the Fading Light Event. But I’m not doing that. What I will do, while I have almost full control over your lives for the next few minutes, is talk about Project: Homeward Bound.

Project: Homeward Bound was developed out of a need to have a place to call our home. With Thuron off his throne and New Tython back in the hands of its people, reconstruction can begin, and our first act was hitting the bar. As you’ve all seen in the many emails, we are establishing ourselves in a secret (unless our enemies read this report) underground “lair,” assessable only through a storage room in the back of a cantina. This cantina is gritty, it’s full of unsavory characters and man do we feel at home. Additionally, we will be working on developing the surrounding town of Vard Mislu.

We have a few members who have put a lot of time into this but there is still more we need to do. Here are some things we still need…

  • Cantina Name

  • Cantina Pictures

  • Wiki Text Sections:

    • Staff
    • Atmosphere
    • Layout
    • History
    • Any other interesting facts
  • Vard Mislu - If we have enough people interested, Project: Vard Mislu can run alongside Project: Homeward Bound.

This is a fairly open project. All ideas are considered and most have been accepted with only minor tweaking. Anyone with any free time should get his/her hands dirty with this. I do want to have this wrapped up and ready to launch for the New Year, so we can start using it as a base in our fictions.

Jump on the chain, voice your ideas and let’s go home.


  • GD Rhiann Baenre was promoted to Guardian Duelist!

  • DEF LaLa was promoted to Defender and is the Journeyman of the Month!

Welcome to Ooroo!

  • CSV Sanarai Iridana

  • PAD John Brown


High Speed Havoc


  • Rhiann- Silver Nova, Pendent of Blood, 5 Seals of the Crusader, Crescent with Amethyst Star, Cluster of Ice and 55 Clusters of Fire

  • Revak- 3 Seals of the Crusader

  • Zeon- 5 Seals of the Crusader, Crescent with Emerald Star and 10 Clusters of Ice

  • Rangel- 5 Clusters of Fire

  • LaLa- 2 Seals of the Crusader, Crescent with Sapphire Star, and 109 Clusters of Fire

  • Autumn- 3 Seals of the Crusader and 12 Clusters of Fire

  • Enric- Crescent with Amethyst Star and 5 Clusters of Fire

In Conclusion

The end of the year is quickly approaching so; I would like to extend my wishes for a safe Holiday Season, New Years and winter to all of you and your families.

I'm Revak Kur. You stay classy, New Tython ;P


GP Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar- Pin# 10407

CSV Sanarai Iridana- Pin# 12301

SC Gon Doru- Pin# 12767

GD Rhiann Baenre- Pin# 13774

CSV Krandon Lucian Firebringer- Pin# 8629

SC Revak Kur- Pin# 12656

JK Zeon Blacktooth- Pin# 10301

PAD John Brown- Pin# 13968

PAD Rangel- Pin# 13387

DEF LaLa- Pin# 13998

PRT Autumn Axiuos- Pin# 14004

PRT Enric Galazin- Pin# 14012


Good report, Revak. I like the sounds of Ooroo's lair, hope you guys have a lot of fun developing it and the surrounding town.

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