SWTOR: Report #2


SWTOR: Report #2


Aloha, ladies and gents. I just want to give a quick update on things SWTOR and Guild-related.

Guild Assets and Resources

Right now, there's just over 17M in credits in the Guild bank. There's also a stash of gear, and other resources, some of which had previously been under "Officer Request" that, honestly, didn't need to be there. Check out the gear section. I've rearranged stuff, but also dropped in some of my own personal stash, instead of selling it on the GTN. There's some different mounts in there, other gear, companion gifts, and more. From here on out, anything in the Gear tab for more than 30 days will be either sold (as possible) or deleted, to keep free room. Anything sold will be deposited into the Guild bank funds.

Companion gifts are in there because, as I've said before, we need crafters. Build up your influence with your comps, and start crafting. We need Biochem crafters, as well as Armstech and Artifice, but especially Biochem (they craft stims). Stims will be our first need, since Armstech and Artifice really come more into play for raiders, by creating barrels and hilts.

Also, if you can, please donate to the Guild funds. Believe it or not, 100K or more credits can be made in a very short amount of time, and each 100K donated adds up fast. Past goals have been to buy a Guild ship, which may be changing. They're removing the bonuses from Guild ships, which may delay the motivation to have said ship. However, we still have things we want to build up, which absolutely requires funds. I make money here and there by playing on the GTN, and I plan on donating between 10-20M by myself in the next month, so anything else you guys can add to it will be a huge help. My goal is to allow for the Guild funds to purchase unlockables for members and more, but again, that will require a substantial investment of funds.

If there's one thing the DB does not lack, it's generosity and giving in our members. Please, help out as much as you can.

Limited KotFE Trial

Former subscribers, you have been requested to return. SWTOR wants you back, and is offering a free 60, and Chapter One of KotFE. Details here. If you dropped your sub for a while, and want to check out some of the buzz, check out the link and see. Chapter 10 is coming out in the near future, and this trial may inspire you to be a part of it.

That's all for now. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Seasons Greetings, May The Force Be With You, whatever. The movie will be here soon, and the wife hinted that she may even be willing to see it for our anniversary date night (on the 27th). Considering that, with Baby Beef 2 here now, I hadn't planned on seeing it until January, I call that a win. So, here's hoping.

I love you guys. Be safe!



I like what I see. I will be glad to donate funds instead of letting them slosh my account. Huzzah.

I think this my queue to rejoin the fight. :)

Maybe even my queue to join the fight... Great report!

Sure, I'll update my launcher and stuff. Don't think I have or had any toons on Jedi Covenant but I'll check it out anyway.

The Free Level 60 and Chapter 1 of KotFE sounds really interesting to me. I may have to take advantage of that.

I spent all day reinstalling the game... and tbf was not expecting the amount of fun i had despite the shortness of the chapter. I am really going to have to consider resubbing just so i can play through the rest.

Beef JC is down!!!! HALLLP!

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