SWTOR: Report #3


SWTOR: Report #3



Gooooooooooooood morning Brotherhooooood! Long live the memory of the epic and fantastic Robin Williams, right?

I'm going to get right into the thick of it. At present, Guild Bank credits sit above 24M. For the time being, I have been using my own millions and item stock to help finance Guild purchases, such as Augment Kits (I have a supplier who sells them just about 35K per kit, which is a great price, and available to all Guild members) and other items. My push is to make sure we have what Guild members need, as well as to finance a Guild ship.

Yep, Beef wants a Guild ship, and so do you. With that said, we really need the generosity of DB members. Any credits you can spare, please give them to the Guild Bank! It's actually incredibly easy to earn credits by doing Dailies and such. I play the GTN with my own stock of Dyes and such, and have been adding slowly that way, and again, buying other things like Augment Kits. Those are available to you at cost. If you want some kits, please purchase them through an officer. We'll talk about Augmented gear in a bit. However, for the Guild ship, if you can, please donate to the Bank. It'll help us rack up the many millions we need faster, and will help to secure beneficial assets to the Brotherhood Guild. The ship offers bonuses for things like raids and more, and can be used for quickly traveling for World Bosses. It really is a good thing to have. Help us out, give so we can get our ship!

You guys rock.

Additionally, there have been some raid attempts with Oberst leading, and this has been the general feedback: our DPS need to work on their rotations. In SWTOR, it's not just about mashing buttons. There is an actual flow to the rotations for each DPS class (and even to Heals and Tanks) that we need to get better on. Study your classes. There are plenty of guides on Dulfy, and I want to encourage you all to study up. Believe me, a little bit of work, some time reading the guides, and a bit of practice in-game will make a huge difference in your DPS output. You guys can be amazing. I believe in each of you. :)

Now, onto some better things.

Gear One Toon, Gear Them All.

If you've spent time playing TOR and have leveled up, you're now ready to look into getting your toons ready to raid, right? You gear up your favorite toon by spending the time, getting the comms, and earning gear form the raids. And then you think, "Damn, dude, I don't want to have to do that for every single character!"

Well, friends, you don't have to! This is where Legacy Gear comes in!

"Beef, what's Legacy Gear?"

So, as you complete Alliance grinds in KotFE, you get rewarded with pieces of Legacy Gear. This is specific pieces of gear that can be sent back and forth between all of your characters. As those who have practiced much in TOR wil know, Legacy Gear is how you transfer armor and mods between your toons. However, this has been upgraded. Now, you build up one set of gear, and send it between characters as needed to raid. Put in the best armor and mods for your class of toon (DPS, Heals or Tanks), put Augment slots into it, and you don't have to grind up tens of thousands of comms to get all of your toons geared up.

"But Beef, I have looks I like for each specific character, and Legacy Gear looks lame. I don't want to give up my look."

That's the beauty of it; you don't have to! If you've looked into the appearance slots on your character screen (by pressing C while in-game), you'll notice a strip along the right that will afford you different appearance opportunities. You buy each of these for low credits (each added slot gets more expensive, but all still relatively cheap). You then put gear pieces into each costume option, buy that appearance (again, still cheap), and you have that costume/look available to you forever. You can then leave all of your additional "look gear" behind in your vault, and then run around in your lame-looking Legacy gear, and be a badass.


So remember, get a set of Legacy Gear for each class of character (DPS, Heals and Tanks), augment each piece, build up one set of Legacy Gear to send back and forth as needed, and spend less comms to gear up all of your characters.

"...but Beef, there are pieces of gear that don't have Legacy options, like Ear Pieces, Implants, Relics, etc."

You're absolutely right. So these will have to be bought per toon. However, this will still save you significantly in comms in the long run. And yes, I realize that, as I've said comms, they're now "data crystals." And in time, who knows; maybe they'll change the name of them again. You get the idea. Legacy Gear, Augment slots, one set per class, save comms.

KotFE: Chapter X

New KotFE content is coming out, along with new subscriber prizes. Go check these out at swtor.com and decide for yourself if you want to subscribe and get caught up on the content. Play through KotFE once, and decide for yourself if you want to play through with every toon. Personally, I play through with most of my toons, and may bring along all of them. I would be more inclined to encourage everyone into KotFE if the content and allies were Legacy-wide, but maybe we can get BioWare to make that a thing in the future. Either way, go check out the upcoming content and rewards.

Beef... TL:DR!

Ok, ok. Here's a wrap up:

  • Please, donate to the Guild Bank. We needs your in-game credits (no real money, please).
  • Augment Kits available for sale from the Guild Bank at 35K per kit (great price). Guild Officers can help you purchase these.
  • If you play, study the guides, practice your DPS rotations. It'll make a world of difference.
  • Get Legacy Gear, build a set for each class, and then open up costume slots. It saves you comms.
  • Additional KotFE content and subscriber rewards coming soon. Check them out!

I love you guys. Be safe!



I will return in full. One day. When time is a little more forgiving.

I will have to jump on later, see what I have in the way of credits sitting on my characters. :)

I'm thoroughly enjoying the KOFTE chapters. I've finished the first 7 so far. I definitely am not Op ready though. I'm ignorant to gear setups now and have forgotten the flow I had at one time and mostly button mash now haha

Award a CF for every million credits donated and watch how much more spare cash people suddenly have :P

Since Beef mentioned it, and there are people that want to try their luck at end game content (raids) it's very important to learn your specific class/tree rotation. Maybe you believe that you are doing quite good but there is always room for improvement. I had the opportunity to help with a few raids that Oberst tried to coordinate, and all the people there were willing to learn and get better and that's a good thing, but, that said everyone should try to make time for that learning outside the actual raid time, fr example if there is a scheduled raid and the intent is to run a specific operation then it's beneficial to everyone to try to read a couple of online guides or view a few videos to learn the mechanics of the fights, there are literally hundreds of them and it's beneficial to everyone in the group, because it means less time explaining the fights and less wipes due to otherwise avoidable mistakes which translates to more time progressing through the content and clearing the raid :) !

In regards to the class/tree rotation you can purchase the operations training dummies for your ship (there are also free taining dummies available in the Fleet in the Operations Hub - Ziost Shadow but they are affected by Fleet lag whereas your personal ship isn't) and from your ship's droid you buy 2 debuffs that you apply on top of the dummies that reduce the health to 3 million and apply an armor debuff as in a raid. To see how good your numbers are you can use StarParse (http://ixparse.com/) which is a very good and simple to use parser and can be also used for raid groups.

PD. Hey Bloodfyre, we should be Guild Ship Brokers XD, although I don't think i can sunk 22m credits for a GS again !

Yeah, it'll be a while before I'm at 20M+ contributions for this Guild Ship. I'm only at 5M so far, but I'm working on it. :)

Update: I just sold some other things from my own stock, and donated 6M more to the Guild Bank. We now stand at 30M+ credits. If everyone can give, we can get to our Guild Ship.

Also, yes, I will be pushing for donation rewards, but I have to come up with a feasible proposal to send onto Val and Aabs. And honestly, CFs just don't seem like the right option to me. Clusters already have a particular role to fill. And, while there might be an option for a "new Cluster," I'd rather look into something else. As you donate, please take screenies and document your donations. When I can get rewards for Guild donations settled, all who have donated should be rewarded.

Donations should be tax deductible every year when we file hoping for a credit refund for Possessions

I still can't get the game to let me take screenshots or play in window mode. Got to max level on character but no way to send it in

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