Tacitus Athanasius Report #10


Tacitus Athanasius Report #10

The following is a report from Alara Deathbane


Greetings everyone!

Yeah, it’s me. Alara. Hi guys! Due to some circumstances unbeknownst to me until now, I will no longer be your Sergeant. More on the subject here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/news/djb-news-removal-of-the-position-battleteam-sergeant

I want to thank everyone for the kindness, generosity, honour, and happiness you all have bestowed upon me during my time here. (It’s officially been over a year now that I have been in the DJB, and 9 months + 27 days that I had been Sergeant of TA.) I appreciate it all so much more than you know. Though I may no longer be Sergeant of this Battle Team, I will always be your friend. If you ever have any questions, or simply would like to talk, don’t hesitate to message me.

So that happened…


In Clan News, Phase 2 of Midnight ends December 26th! Make sure you DO ALL THE THINGS AND FREE XEN FROM DARTH FALLAX! Because scary. Need I say more? Phase 3 will end January 2nd. All of these competitions are an amazing chance to end the year strong for Tacitus Athanasius, for House Excidium, for Clan Scholae Palatinae, and most importantly for yourself. Show us what you can do! Prove yourself worthy of those shinies. The competition page for Midnight is here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/11518

For House Excidium News; Blade has asked the following out of each member: more name ideas for the “mission board”, more feedback, continue to think about how your character makes their mark on Excidium, and further work on your wikis. These tasks will not only prove your loyalty to Quaestor, but diligence and consistency. Stretching yourself and growing yourself, as well as growing and stretching your character, is truly living.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” -Brian Tracy

For Tacitus Athanasius News, we have six contests running until January 7th:

  • Legacy: Your Story
  • Legacy: Your Greatest Success
  • Legacy: That One Target
  • Legacy: The Ballad Of…
  • Legacy: The Wisdom I Leave with You
  • Beware of Cackles in the Dark...

If you are having trouble seeing them, make sure you click the “Long Running/Series” competitions tab! They do exist, I promise! In case you can’t find them, here are the links:


  • Not to toot my own horn, but… Alara Deathbane- awarded 1st for “[Midnight] Flash Game Phase 1”; 2nd for "[Midnight] Trivia Phase 1”; 1 Cluster of Fire for PvP matches played on or before 2016-11-20; elevated to Inquisitor rank VIII
  • Zehsaa Hysh- awarded 1st for “Oops, Wrong Universe”, "[Midnight] Graphics Phase 1", "[Midnight] Trivia Phase 1”; elevated to Inquisitor rank III
  • Kylex- awarded 1st place for “Here There Be Clowns”; 2nd for "CDW: The Fire Within"; 2 Clusters of Fire for PvP matches played on or before 2016-11-23, 1 Cluster of Fire for PvP matches played on or before 2016-12-13, elevated to Inquisitor Rank IV, 2 Clusters of Ice for 1000 words of fiction (Fiction Activities #2536 and #2886),
  • Shadow Nighthunter- awarded 5 Clusters of Earth for participating in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Squad Arena Ranking (18-24 Nov 2016)!

Huge congratulations to everyone! Major steps have been made for our assassins. So proud of each and every one of you. Shinies everywhere!


For this time and this time only… I’ll do a #AskAlara as a fun way to send me off.

Blade asks... for your final send off, would you rather have a handsome pirate or a handsome space samurai?

I’m going to have to say handsome pirate. As interesting as a space samurai would be, I’ve always been a lover of the sea. Hey look at that, poetry :D

Corm Wagglehorn asks...How has the Battleteam (fictionally) responded to the upheaval currently happening in CSP? Are they engaged in combat with Fallax? Even loyal maybe? Have they gone to ground to wait it out?

This one I will have to leave to Battle Team Leader Shadow Nighthunter to answer… Shadow?

“The battleteam is indeed targeting key followers of Fallax from the shadows. As much as we answer in secret to our Quaestor, Scholae Palatinae is as much as our family as anyone. We will fight to defend what we are, and to preserve what the Emperor has built.” ~Shadow Nighthunter

Annnddd there you have it!

Lexiconus asks… What's the nerdy news today, Alara!? :D

The Assassins Creed Movie, as well as the Passenger movie come out in theatres today. Samuel L Jackson is now 68. Steven Yuen is now 33. Both Team Fortress 2 and Pokemon Go have updates available. We also did an interview with fourth graders on what they wanted for Christmas. Some gave the appropriate answers, others said they want koalas named Bacon. Which is better. If you’re interested in more Nerdy News, *insert lame advertisement and links here: [Log in to view join link] https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B9-Kn0HrQTv3d0pGVk5CcDcxdWs?usp=sharing“


Thanks again for everything, Tacitus Athanasius. I will remain as member of the Battleteam and servant to the Quaestor. Have a merry merry Christmas and/or happy happy Holidays. Here’s to new adventures in 2017.

"The Sharpest Knives for the Darkest Nights!" -Alara Deathbane

A word from Battle Team Leader Shadow Nighthunter:

“Greetings, TA. I must apologize for my lack of activity and involvement lately. With the opportunity to work two jobs currently, I’ve been having to figure out how to adjust my time while trying to get enough rest. With that said, I think I’ve reached that point that I am able to balance things out, and therefore I will be more active again.

I wish to thank my Sergeant and friend, Alara, for her dedication and great help when I’ve needed it, and I look forward to receiving further help from her as well. Just because Sergeant is no longer recognized, I will not let Alara go so easily considering the great amount of help she’s been with ideas and figuring things out. Being that this has been my first time leading a battleteam, her help has truly been fruitful in helping me to lead the best that I can. Just as she has helped me, I ask you not to hesitate to seek her assistance in anything. Alara has always been there to help any in need, and such an attribute as that is one to be truly valued.

Again, I wish to thank Alara for all she’s done as Sergeant, and I look forward to the amazing things she will continue to do for TA, Excidium, and Scholae Palatinae.”

~Battle Team Leader Shadow Nighthunter


Wonderful report Alara. You did a great job and I look forward to continue working with you ^^.

Great work Alara!


o/ Alara

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