Tacitus Athanasius Report #13


Tacitus Athanasius Report #13


Can it be? YES, IT IS! Once again, it’s time for a Battle Team report for Tacitus Athanasius! There’s not a whole lot to cover (though I could be lying), but let’s do this!


So nothing quite so new for Tacitus Athanasius with the exception of Kylex and I looking forward to getting some form of display of TA’s new home once we actually have one. Hopefully that won’t be too far from now, but we’re excited to get something going once the opportunity presents itself. Kylex and I will keep you updated once we get things rolling.

As to the Clan, Excursion is underway! This will affect the Clan’s new home, and you have a chance to take part in that. This is a good opportunity for all of you, so don’t miss out while the comps are still going on.

Finally, everyone in the DJB now has access to purchasing NPCs! How awesome is that? Now you can write fictions from your NPC’s point of view! That opens doors for character development and just awesomeness in general.

Recognition and Awards

Here we go, ladies and gentleman! Time to see who got some awards and shinies since the last report! Gonna be using the old format this time for this.

  • Chrome- awarded 1st for "[CSP] Gamers Evolved: Level 1 Versus (Week 2)","[CSP] Gamers Evolved: Level 1 Versus (Week 3)"; 2nd for "[CSP] Gamers Evolved: Level 1 Achievement (Week 1)"; and 3rd for “[Excidium] Spot the Easter Kushiban Egg”

  • Zehsaa Hysh- Awarded 3rd for “{CSP} Abstract Art Emotion Serie” and “{CSP} Abstract Art Emotion Series: Rage”

  • Kylex- awarded 1st for "[[Excidium]] Spot the Oscar"; 2nd for "Sacrifices", "[Excidium] MEME your own business"; 3rd for Competition: “{CSP} Abstract Art Emotion Series: Sorrow”, “{CSP} Abstract Art Emotion Series: Fear”; elevated to Inquisitor Rank VIII; and promoted to Warrior!

  • Brandon Tarsus- awarded 1st for “Legacy: Your Story”, 3rd for "Endings"; "[Excidium] MEME your own business"; and elevated to Inquisitor Rank VIII

  • Katyusha Neige- awarded 1st for "[Excidium] MEME your own business"; 3rd for "[CSP] Gamers Evolved: Level 1 Achievement (Week 1)"; awarded a Dark Cross; and promoted to Hunter!

A huge CONGRATS for your accomplishments, guys! Especially, to Kylex and Katyusha on your promotions!!! Well earned!


A reminder to everyone that TA comps will end on the 29th, while Alara’s House-wide comps will end on the 30th ! if you haven’t submitted to any of them yet, now’s the time!

I also also have some clan-wide comps getting ready to end soon for you to take a look at. These are meant to help better yourself in Society Rankings, Writing, and Gaming.

Last, but certainly not least, Xen extended the Excursion comps to May 8th! They can be found Here

There are plenty of other competition opportunities to take part in, so don’t miss out! Who knows who will get an award or promote next? It just might be YOU.


Though not a ton news-wise has happened, the participation and promotions are definitely noteworthy! I’m really happy to see all of you pressing forward in the BT and DJB! I know I’ve been slightly absent during this month, but with my semester about to end this week, I will be more active and attentive this summer. Especially since we have a GJW coming up. Get excited, everyone. We’re gonna rock this war!

If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to Kylex and me. We will be glad to help you out.

"The sharpest blades for the darkest nights."

~Battle Team Leader, Shadow Nighthunter

Nailed it shads!

Love it! :) You guys are absolutely ROCKING it! So proud of you, TA! Can't wait to see you dominate in our new system <3

Great report, Shadow! Glad to see our cabal of assassins are still chewing through the competition.

Great report Shadow!

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