Taldryan Consul Report #12 Saijo Event Final Fiction And Upcoming Plans! Magistrate Position Open!


Taldryan Consul Report #12 Saijo Event Final Fiction And Upcoming Plans! Magistrate Position Open!


Fiction Update

Caelus System Taldryan Senate Building 40 ABY

"I think we can all agree that this has gone on long enough!"

An uproar sounded across the circular dome that was the Senate chamber. Within were representatives of the various moons within the Caelus System, including the neighbouring sectors. In the centre, commanding the attention of all present, was a Pantoran delegate representing the gambling city of Droset on Perune, Dresden Jos.

"Not only did the Supreme Chancellor take our Navy and Military to the Saijo Sector, but he did so without consulting the Senate first! I speak for everyone here when I say he cannot keep treating this democracy like a dictatorship!"

More uproar was heard, some agreeing, some disagreeing.

"I am hereby calling for a vote of no confidence in the Supreme Chancellor's ability to lead!"

Read the full Fiction Update HERE!


It's Report Time Again!

What's up, Taldryanites! (And anyone else reading this. Hi!) Up above you can read the Final Fiction. The biggest takeaways or TL;DR are;

The Destruction of the Prototype Superweapon.

  • The Alliance with Saijo.

  • Fennyl's Capture by Ellisyn.

  • Koda's kidnapping.

  • The Beginnings of a Plan to Capture Moff Genko.

Overall for our event, Clan Taldryan: Saijo Superweapon, there were 85 entries across 13 competitions and 18 unique and awesome participants in the event. That's over two thirds of the Clan!

The RP for the event managed 41,265 words overall!

I thank you all for your time and effort, I'm a very Happy Consul with the level of participation I have seen, and I thoroughly hope you all enjoyed the event.

Congratulations to our top 3 placements!

  • Aylin for 1st place!

  • Koda for 2nd place!

  • Aticus for 3rd!


Taldryan Artifacts

It's a new quarter! So it's time to reassign the Taldryan Artifacts!

As a reminder, they are;

The Cylinder of Taldryae is a specialized and gold-plated code cylinder Accessory, alchemically enhanced with the Clan Taldryan emblem in ruby-red. It is unusually light in weight and can easily be concealed, though it it radiates a dark aura. It lacks waterproofing, and prolonged exposure to water can render the cylinder inert for a short time. Taldryan legends say those who hold the cylinder for long periods of time turn bloodthirsty and hungry for combat, leading to their eventual demise. It grants command authority of the Cohors Praetoria Taldryae military task force to whoever holds it, a unit hand-picked by the Consul themself. The task force is undying in their loyalty, and will only recognize the bearer of this code cylinder. The Cylinder of Taldryae is awarded by the Consul to the designated Warbringer, a member recognized for their outstanding military achievements. Should anyone who is not the acting Warbringer attempt to use the cylinder, a painful and potentially lethal electric shock created by the Sith Alchemy used on this item will attack the holder.

This artifact is held by Taldryan's Warbringer, the new owner is Centam!.

The Blood Bond Cauldron is a large metallic pot inscribed with various runes, colored a blood-red. It is made of alchemically enhanced durasteel, and is used by Force-sensitive and non-Force-sensitive members alike by offering a drop of blood into the liquid within that bubbles red in response. A brotherhood within a Brotherhood in artifact form, once bonded with the cauldron an empathetic link is created that reaches on a planetary scale allowing the one who possesses it to determine the health of Clan Taldryan members. The inscriptions on the cauldron glow and rise in temperature when a member is under duress. Force-imbued wood is required to boil the blood inside the cauldron which can only be obtained from the jungles surrounding the Taldryan Citadel on Ostara. The Blood Bond Cauldron is awarded by the Consul to whoever holds the title of Taldryan Loremaster, with knowledge of the ritual passed down from Loremaster to Loremaster and kept a closely guarded secret.

This artifact is held by tbe revived Taldryan Loremaster (formerly Lorekeeper), the next of which is Liandry!

The Scions Bryar Lightsword is an elegantly hand-crafted Lightsaber Pistol created by former Consul Rian Taldrya. The main body strongly resembles that of a Bryar Pistol, with a lightsaber emitter on the topside of the weapon. The blaster mode is accurate at medium ranges, and can charge up and fire a longer burst like a regular Bryar Pistol. Components placed within the custom casing allow the weapon to create a lightsaber blade through the top emitter while the midsection and barrel fold downward. The Scions Bryar Lightsword is awarded by the Consul to the designated Gatekeeper, and is a true example of how the Gatekeeper diversifies not only their attacks but protection of Clan Taldryan as well.

This artifact is held by the newly revived Taldryan Gatekeeper, the next of which is Raistline!.

As a reminder, every quarter when the Taldryan Summit does its award review, we will also look at the members who have been the most active in competitions, events, earning clusters etc etc. Every little bit of activity you get earns you a set amount of points depending on what the activity in question is. For example, doing a regular comp will net you 15 points, but a graphics comp will net you 30 because of the extra effort generally involved. It is important to note that placements DO NOT matter here. This is about activity, not who is the best artist, gamer, writer etc etc. This is to value you showing up, and doing the things.

This, somehow, lines up perfectly with the new XP system! Do the things, get rewarded! It's as simple as that!



Speaking of awards, there was a massive award review recently! This is going to be a big section, and you know what? I ain't sorry about it.

You guys earned all this, you have every right to be proud of yourselves.

So, deal with it.


Congratulations to you all, and thank you so much for all of your hard work!



I'm fairly sure you are all aware, but just in case, I've been in talks with Slagar (Plagueis Consul, Selikah Roh) about a potential feud between Taldryan and Plagueis.

We are thinking of the end of April as a potential start date. Nothing is concrete yet, but I will let you all know more when we have something confirmed.


Magistrate Position Open! [Kasiya Governor]

Ellisyn has stepped down from her Magistrate position due to IRL circumstances. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank her for all her hard work from being Ektrosis Aedile up until now.

There are some big shoes to fill and that brings me on to the requirements of this Magistrate position!

Magistrate 1

  • World and Fictional development focus

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Roleplay development and running RP sessions.

  • Clan member liaison

  • Clan Lore Development

The Magistrate positions in Taldryan are equivalent to Quaestor Positions. If you are interested in applying, please fill in this handy dandy Google Form.

You'll notice I'm not asking for prior experience because, quite frankly, I don't care about what positions you've had before. What I care about is what ideas you can bring to the table.

Applications will be open until the 3 27th, if you are interested, go ahead and fill it in!


Crusaders Comical Comps

Koda and Ellisyn are hosting a series of easy, fun comps for Taldryan to participate in! It's running from the 17th until the 31st, and is a good chance to earn some sweet, sweet XP!

You can see that Container HERE!


The Kasiya Affair

Teebu is running a new RP for the Clan called the Kasiya Affair! It's a more casual RP with some fun stuff happening already!

If you are interested in taking part, let myself, or any of the summit know and we will get you added! It's especially good if you are looking for Envoy marks for the newest RP society.



Yep, it's that time again folks! Where you ask and I answer! Let's get right to it!

  • Ben Asks: Oh no! In a freak accident, Appius has lost a limb and it needs replacing. Which limb was it, what dumb thing was he doing that caused it, and how cool is the cybernetic that's replacing it?

Leg, falling over in the snow, full terminator style. 😉

  • Koda Asks: What's the plan of attack for the upcoming feud?

I'll give you the serious answer to this question. It's participation. The plan of attack is to participate as much as possible, because the more anyone can do, the more you help the Clan win. We are one team, going into battle together.

  • Crysenia Asks: Do you want to finish this paper for me? I only have 5 pages left.

scribbles random lines. There you go.

  • Kamjin Asks: Why aren’t you polish!? People demand the truth on this issue (I am the people) lol.

What your insanity decrees I am is not my fault. 😆

  • Teebu Asks: Now that Teebu is back, does Appius still plan to do his own paperwork and stuff like normal or will he pawn it back off onto the Ewok's desk yet again?

What are you talking about? The paperwork has been mounting up on your desk! Get to work, little bear!



That's all from me for now! Lots of fun stuff is coming up!

Until next time,


A non-answer is not an answer.

It's cool to see "Magistrate to the Consul" terminology being used. Shout out to Braecen Kaeth for play testing this terminology a decade or so ago during his time as Proconsul of Arcona.

The Magistrate to the Consul isn't terminology, it's an official alternate clan structure that was created by the DC and presented to the Clans by Dacien. It's not really the old school, unofficial assistants to the Consul that the old version of the job was. :)


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