Taldryan Consul Report: April 2020


Taldryan Consul Report: April 2020


Welcome to the Taldryan Consul report for April! It’s coming out a bit later than I expected, but hey, better late than never.

Clan News

  • As mentioned in the April GM Update, the next Vendetta will be taking place from late May to late June. The Clan Summit will be discussing how best to prepare Taldryan for this event over the next few days, and will share details with our members shortly.

  • Speaking of Summits, applications for Ektrosis Quaestor closed last week, and the Clan Summit has chosen its candidate. Congratulations to Appius Wight on his new role as the leader of House Ektrosis!

  • Applications for Taldryan Rollmaster also closed last week. Unfortunately, we didn't get any of those, so the Clan Summit will be looking at other ways to get those responsibilities handled. More info on that situation as it develops.

  • New Pursuits, the competition that introduced the next phase of the Clan storyline, ended at the end of March. Congrats to Zentru'la, Crysenia, and Vodo on their placements!

  • The pilot run of the Clan Fiction Anthology has been delayed until the summer, due to a combination of real-life events and the upcoming Vendetta. However, we still plan to release regular Clan fiction updates.

Member News

  • Welcome (back) to all our new and returning members: Appius, Meleu Karthdo, Aden Karas, and Raxi.

  • The April Consul report would normally contain awards for activity during the first quarter of the year, but since our Q4 2019 awards didn't actually get released until late February (and covered everything up to that point), our next batch of awards will come at the end of Q2.

  • Having said that, congratulations to all Taldryan members who earned themselves Crescents and Legions of the Scholar for competition placements over the last couple of months, and thank you for representing your Clan!

Clan Activities

All running and upcoming competitions are listed on the Competitions page of the DB website. I encourage everyone to browse through that list to see if anything catches your interest. I'd also like to give special mentions to the following:

That's it for this edition of the Taldryan Consul Report. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!


Congrats to my one-time ACC friendo Appius!

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