Taldryan Consul Report: May 2020


Taldryan Consul Report: May 2020


Welcome to the Taldryan Consul Report for May. This is coming out quite a bit later than I intended, and I apologise for the delay. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Clan News

  • As Mav announced immediately after my last report, the Fourteenth Great Jedi War approaches! The planned start date is "sometime between the end of May and the start of June", and as those who are on the Taldryan mailing list will confirm, I've been sending out plenty of hype e-mails to get the Clan whipped into shape. We've been on quite an upswing over the last nine months, and I look forward to seeing how Taldryan will perform in this Vendetta.

  • Besides the GJW, Zxyl has announced the opening of Taldryan's new fiction arc: Aggressive Expansion. You can read all about it in his news post.

  • The first Taldryan Meme-athon competition ended yesterday. Congrats to Zen'trula, Jala, and Raistline on their top-three finishes!

Member News

  • Our Proconsul, Zxyl Venzos, was inducted as a Son of Taldryan! The Taldrya are selected from those who have contributed years of exemplary service to the Clan, and Zxyl certainly fits that bill. Congratulations!

  • We've had a few new and returning bodies arrive in Taldryan since my last report. Welcome to Exodius, Red Crow and Anctr Klpeo!

  • Erinyes, Zxyl, and Bale all received Seals of Loyalty as part of the Celebration events. Congrats to them!

Clan Activities

All running and upcoming competitions are listed on the Competitions page of the DB website. I encourage everyone to browse through that list to see if anything catches your interest. I'd also like to give a special mention to the Sense of Place competition, an event that will help shape Taldryan's home system, which ends tomorrow (May 19) at site reset.

That's it for this edition of the Taldryan Consul Report. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!


Good report Erinyes!

Nice report! See you at the Waaaahr! ^^

Congratulations on the Clan Name!

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