Taldryan Consul Supplemental #1.1: Taldryan Proconsul Announcement


Taldryan Consul Supplemental #1.1: Taldryan Proconsul Announcement


Proconsul Announcement

Hello everyone! This is just a very quick report to announce the selection of the next Taldryan Proconsul. I received a lot of applications, so thank you very much to everyone that applied. I received a lot of very good responses and this decision was not an easy one.

However, I came to a decision, and without further delay, please join me in congratulating Justinios Drake Taldrya on becoming the next (and returning) Taldryan Proconsul! I look forward to working with him on the summit to take Taldryan into the future!

(Get the repulsor scooters ready!)


Port Kasiya Invasion: Week 2

Whilst we're here, the second week of the Clan event, Clan Taldryan: Port Kasiya Invasion has commenced! You are tasked with somehow creating a way into the Port Kasiya tower itself, fighting fire with fire and taking revenge for something they did to us, completing the puzzle and seeing the city itself, as well as bolstering morale among our forces.

Week 2 can be seen by clicking the link and runs from today until the 27th! A reminder that everyone who takes part in the event as well as the RP will have a role to play in the final Fiction update at the end of the event. The more you do, the better those parts may be. 😉

The Event Long portion of the event is still running throughout the event itself. Just click on the link and you can view those as well.



That's all for now! Until next time, guys…

Appius Wight (Taldryan Consul)

Good choice of Proconsul

Just watch out for that scooter.


What scoo- Gets run over by a scooter.


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