[Taldryan] Ektrosis Quaestor Report #10


[Taldryan] Ektrosis Quaestor Report #10

-> Ektrosis Quaestor Report <-

Hello Taldryan, hope everyone of you had a nice christmas with lots of gifts and presents. Personally I got addicted to my new PS4 and Battlefront II but forced myself to put it aside, last but not least I got some work to do for you guys, so please enjoy my newest mini report with another fiction update and one more teasers for the upcoming Taldryan event.

-> News <-

First off let's start with the teasers for the upcoming Taldryan Event. Last time I announced some bits about the Influence System that will be the points any one participating in the competitions of the event will receive for their participation and that will sum up the amount of control we will have over the Caelus-System at the end of the event.

-> The Alignment Sytem <-

However unlike the Influence System that will have an definte end at a score of 1000, the other system I would like to implement into the Clan is infinite as it allows for being adapted beyond the end of the Event. With points being given to the top three placements of some of the Competitions, the winners will be granted Dark- and Light-side Points based on the winners decisions.

This doesn't mean that only because a member play a Light or Dark side oriented character, he/she will have to pick the respective Competition prompt that reflect the characters orientation but allow the member to pick a direction your his/her character would make in certain situations.

But with every decision there will too be consequences and while a member's decision doesn't affect the general outcome of the event, the consequence will be visualized as to how the citizens of the Caelus-System will see the Clan. Going more light sided will lend toward them seeing us more like saviors that care for them in their fight against the enemies that threaten them while going more dark sided will make them still see us like the ones helping them but not as saviors but as a brutal conquerors that will replace one ruthless regent with another.

Of course there are a lot of grays in between this black and whites but I think this will give you a real good insight on what all will be possible for a single member to bring to the table in this event.


-> Clan Fiction <-

With the impeding Taldryan event, I am re-posting another piece of Clan fiction that will lead us into the event and into our new home the Caelus-System. In case you haven't read the previous part written by Kaz, please read it first then come back and read Part 2 written by Mark:

Since the attack on Karufr, Clan Taldryan, along with any surviving civilians, had been living aboard their ships. Assistance from elsewhere, including the so-called Lotus, had given the Clan a few smaller capital ships, but the wish to find a more permanent home was growing by the day.

Although they had sent out a large number of probes, Taldryan were just not getting any luck. The vast majority of star systems lacked any kind of habitable planets, whilst some didn’t have any at all. Other systems turned out to be too close to the territory of the larger galactic governments.

Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj, as part of his duties as the Clan’s Rollmaster, was instructed to follow up on anything that Rhylance found interesting. A probe that had vanished in a supposedly remote system was definitely worth investigating.

Read the full story here: A Positive Lead

This is the second part and I will post more fiction updates over the course of december written by Rhylance and myself.

-> Closing <-

This was only a mini-report and another report with the regular addings of competitions and awards as well as more teasers for the upcoming events will be out soonish until then stay tuned.

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya and Quaestor of House Ektrosis

Great report, Rian, and awesome insight into the next steps Taldryan will be taking!

Very exciting times! I love that participation contributes to the continuing story. Can't wait!

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