Taldryan Position Posting


Taldryan Position Posting

Howdy, folks! The next Taldryan CON report will be coming out in a couple of weekends, but there's some business to attend to first. The Taldryan Summit is taking applications for the positions of Taldryan Rollmaster and House Ektrosis Quaestor.

In addition to the usual RM and QUA duties (which you can find on the Wiki pages for Rollmaster and Quaestor), these positions will have their own Taldryan-specific twists. As part of Taldryan's integrated Summit, both of these positions will be responsible for helping out with Clan-wide events. They also come with seats in the Taldryan Story Group, the body which determines the Clan's fictional direction and totally wasn't ripped off from the DB-wide Story Group.

Applications will be open until site reset on Friday, October 9. To apply, please fill out this handy-dandy Google Form. We look forward to seeing your applications!


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