Taldryan Proconsul Report #6 – I'm no Superman


Taldryan Proconsul Report #6 – I'm no Superman

Hello Taldryan! This is going to be a fairly short report this week. Given that the Consul posted a report just a couple of days ago - but there are some bits of news that need to go out today!


Taldryan welcomed a new member this past week! Djasei Brevis has found himself a place in the Wardens within Ektrosis, and is being mastered by Quaestor Raistline! He's already been promoted up to Protector, and has taken a liking to Shadow Academy courses, as well as IRC, Telegram and the mailing list! For those of you that haven't had a chance to say hello, please do!

I'd also like to welcome Andrelious and Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj to Taldryan! Kookimarissia is now serving in House Ektrosis, and Andrelious to Dinaari! Please say hello when you get the chance!

Master at Arms Aabsdu posted a report a couple of days ago - please take a look see!

Finally, I'd like to congratulate Bobecc on his appointment as Ektrosis Aedile! He's going to do great as Raist's number two, and I look forward to seeing what they come up with!

The most pressing news...

Masters of our Fate

Yacks and I now have five events for this competition all ready to go. This bad boy is going to start on Friday night, July 24 (for those in North America) - or at midnight on Saturday the 25th for those on GMT. Overall, this competition is going to run until the end of August! So ladies, gentlemen, and Dru? Prepare your brains and your competitive spirits - because I think this one is going to be a lot of fun!

Competition Round-up

Taldryan Hosted Competitions

Dinaari Presents: There's a Pointy Theme – Another glorious Dinaari competition!

Hunt the Jedi #23 – A continuation of Halcyon’s Hunt the Jedi competitions!

Taldryan Consular Puzzle #3 – Another glorious puzzle hosted by the Consul!

Dozen of Games Taldryan: Round I: Monkey Kick-Off – The first of many flash games hosted by Andrelious

Brotherhood Wide

Star Conflict PVP – Another glorious Star Conflict competition! Most CFs in PVP wins!

Clan Naga Sadow Tuesday Night Trivia – Weekly trivia hosted in the Naga Sadow channel – every Tuesday at 5pm eastern!

God of Destruction – Flash game content!

Monthly Mobile Gaming Sokoban – Another Fist office sponsored mobile competition!

An Objective History –Write a story about an important object!

Diablo 3: Season 3 Greater Rift Ladder (Non-Seasonal Characters) – Highest greater rift completed wins!

Diablo 3: Season 3 Greater Rift Ladder (Seasonal Characters) – Highest greater rift completed wins!

God of War – Flash game content!

Star Wars Online Collectable Card Game Open – Play an online Star Wars CCG!

SWTOR Varmint Hunter – Hunt varmints in the Old Republic!

Star Wars App - Force Trainer – There’s a new Star Wars mobile application – and there’s a mini game in it, go play!

DJB Fantasy Football – An NFL fantasy competition! Starting August 2!

[MAA] Night on the Town – An MAA Office hosted competition!

Star Wars Commander: Heroic Defense Challenge 2 (Windows) – Another Star Wars Commander for Windows competition!

Howie, are you a master... fater?


All aboard the fate train of fun! woooo woooo!!

Great report, Howie! <3

Congratulations on carrying out the bare minimum your position requires Howie.

It's only been 2 weeks, not a month, since his did his report. I think Howie going above-and beyond for his position and should probably get a nice medal for this, at the very least!


His reporting seems more frequent than a DCer, you should go promote him. :P

Triple d9

Yay!! Nice report Howie Panda :))

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