Taldryan Proconsul Report: Over the hills and far away...


Taldryan Proconsul Report: Over the hills and far away...

My father once said to me that there were two different kinds of people in the world: the gives, and the takers. The takers may eat a little better, but the givers grow much finer beards.

An excerpt from The Bearded Tome: Chapter 11, Verse 27

Headlines that you need to know!

  • Happy American Thanksgiving from Canada!
  • It's a bit sleepy in the DB right now... WAKE UP.
  • Ekky vs. Dinaari, the slightly epic showdown!
  • Howie says some weird stuff.
  • There are competitions to be done.


A Holiday Greeting

Well Americans, by the time I finish writing this report, in almost all of the contiguous United States of America, people will be officially celebrating their Thanksgiving. Generally this is a great time of year to give thanks for the many blessings we have, and as Proconsul of the First Clan of the Brotherhood, one of the things that I feel most thankful for is.. you crazy bastards. Thanks for continuing to make working on my hobby rewarding and fun. Also thanks in general to America which has inspired Black Friday savings events to happen in Canada, when really all that is actually going on is its the last Friday of November. Huzzah!

Oh, and speaking of Black Friday? Be thankful that this Black Friday we get to see a new trailer for Star Wars, and that we have access to lots of amazing deals on Star Wars swag.


The Time for Sleep

So, recently we finished off Fading Light, which had dragged on for most of the year. Fading Light came on the heels of the Dark Crusades, which... well, ditto. Right now the whole of the DB has dropped off into what is seemingly a kind of exhausted sleep. People keep randomly waking up and yelling stuff, but mostly, I think between exhaustion, burnout, and the holidays approaching.. the DB is sort of in the doldrums.

That's cool, but I'd like to poke you all here a little bit to make sure that your snooze doesn't turn into a coma. To that end, the Taldryan summit will be hosting a series of fun little games from basically now until January. Nothing too strenuous, and nothing too over the top, but just enough to keep you around.

That being said, this is admittedly one of the only opportunities we've had to buckle down and sink our teeth into some domestic projects, so the Summit is working hard on figuring that stuff out, and which ones we want to focus on. The biggest one we have in the works is the Dominion which got started, then stalled, and needs to get finished. I mentioned before that I'll be running a census on pages and info, and I promise I'll get around to that soon.

Maybe I'll give it to Howie. Howie loves projects.


A Plague on Both my Houses

Along the lines of friendly competition and keeping everyone's tail up, between the mad minds of Armags and Zoron, a fight has been brewing between the Houses of Taldryan. Sure, we got named First Clan, but what about First House? How do we decide?

According to the Aediles, the best way to decide is to fight it out for the honour and distinction of who shall be regarded as Taldryan's first House. Somewhere along the way I got drafted into Dinaari, and Rian into Ektrosis... soo... let the best House win, but I'm gunna win, so I guess gooo Dinaari! :D


Rollmaster’s Corner

Howie didn't seem to have much to say this week beyond talking about what competitions there are, and what Serenla's been up to, so I'm going to try to fill in this space with Howie-isms.

  • Panda?
  • Build me a fort!
  • Hobo?
  • Yacks is the best
  • Murder hobo?
  • Pandas are awesome.
Journeymen Activities

Below are the highlights of our journeymen (and women!) in the past week!

Jedi Hunter Serenla: Earned 236 Clusters of Fire, one Pendant of Blood. Completed the Leadership Reports and Leadership Rewards Shadow Academy Course, and earned ranks four and five in the GMRG!


Competition round up

Taldryan Hosted Competitions
Brotherhood Wide Competitions


Again, I hope everyone down south (all Americans = down south, deal with it) has a great American Thanksgiving, and that there is many a turkey and pie consumed in the glory of gluttonous celebration!

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Hey, I like that song that your report title is from.

Good report, by the way. Canadians ftw.

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