Taldryan Rollmaster Report


Taldryan Rollmaster Report


Hello all! This shall be a relatively short Rollmaster Report – I just have a few things to mention.

The first round of the ACC is done, congratulations to all who participated in it. I hope you guys enjoyed it! For those that have advanced to the second round, do all the things, have fun. Etc. Etc.

I’d also like to offer heartily and pandaerific congratulations to Jedi Hunter Kooks on his promotion!! Along the same lines of congratulations, my warmest wishes go out to Little Aiden Dru on his appointment as the Wardens’ Battleteam Leader. Also, Zoron is the new Sergeant…but he’s from Calgary – and Calgarians are the worst, so no congratulations for him. :P

Journeymen progress

Here are some notable accomplishments of our clan's journeymen (and woman!) in the past week:

  • Jedi Hunter Kooks: In addition to his promotion, Kooks earned a Crescent with Topaz Star, Sapphire Star, completed the Hand to Hand combat Shadow Academy course, and was promoted to Sophomore in the Shadow Academy Society!

  • Jedi Hunter Ondur Lkaetur: Ondur earned a Crescent with Emerald Star!

Competition Round Up

Taldryan Competitions

Taldryan Gate Keeper Trials, May 2014 – Fight for the honour of being the commander of Taldryan’s Honour Guard!

Taldryan Gate Keeper Trials, June 2014 – Fight for the honour of being the commander of Taldryan’s Honour Guard! Starts on Sunday!

Tarax Has An Idea: The Epic Duel – Write a story about a duel between Tarax and Mav!

Hunt the Jedi #7 – Another Halc report? Another competition

DB Wide Competitions

Fading Light ACC Tournament – Currently going on right now!

May Madness – Hosted by Mark and Trout in Arcona, this competition is similar to the bracket competitions run by Zoron – only it is about our own members! (PS: Put money on Shad)

Warzone Veteran – A Fist of the Brotherhood hosted competition – Highest number of clusters of fire from Warzone battles wins!

Club Firsts: Diablo 3 Torment 6 DJB Group Malthael Kill – The first full group of DJB members to defeat Malthael (Act V End Game Boss) on Torment 6 Difficulty will all earn a Pendant of Blood.

The world needs more RM reports.

RM isn't a thing.

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