Tarried too long - an HMR QUA report


Tarried too long - an HMR QUA report


Private Office
ASD Fallen Spear
en route to landing zone

The static interfered with the transmission only for a moment. The scarred eye seemed to pulse as he thought it over, his voice slowly creaking back. "I've been...busy. But..."

Muz nodded at the man. He understood the feeling all too well, and would not have bothered him, were it not for...well, for what he sensed was down there in the dust. Kojiro would know that of him, after the past several years of working so closely with him personally. The former soldier nodded back, the hologram fading from view as he terminated the connection. Nothing more needed to be said.

About that anyway.

Muz turned from his desk, staring at the ancient frieze that hung behind him. figures, long dead, immortalized in the metal, locked forever in the pattern that kep their names known for centuries before becoming a footnote somewhere. Neglected, forgotten. It was a reminder to him, one pressing heavily on him ever since...

Xolarin cleared his throat, flipping through the feed. "Beside the Verpine Knight..." The datapad flickered, the incoming message icon playing across the man's eyes. "Well, apparently, Plagueis is down there, too."

Muz's eyebrow raised.

"Seems that they are equally interested in whatever there is to take from this backwater. And..." Muz turned, facing the aedile, bidding without words for the man to continue. "You should read what Tavisaen has said..."

Muz stepped past the man, pausing as the door slid open, then stepping out into the hallway, making his way to the turbolift. "Unimportant." He let the word slip past his lips as he tilted his head. There was enough to do, and not enough time to do it. And if what Macron had felt corresponded to the itch he was starting to feel at the edges of his awareness...

The datapad chirped again, and Xolarin’s eyes flitted across the screen. “Locke.”


Operation Antiquity is LIVE.

This cooperative event gives us a chance to knock off a little bit of the dust, make some friends, and get some medals/credits in the process. Let's hear some bragging here. So far, I have gotten three of this week's competitions done, and I know Kojiro has gotten five in the bag. Where do you stand?

You can find the competitions here: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions/14600

These run until the fourth, so it is very mucha limited time offer sort of deal. Get going!


And now, a message from Locke:

Hi everyone,

I am stepping down from Night Hawks BTL effective immediately. It's been fun working with you all, but I just don't have the time to allocate to this right now enough to do it justice, so I want to step aside and let someone who can devote more time to it take over. I trust that Muz and Xolarin will choose a great successor.

In the meantime, I probably won't be too active due to my real life stuff, but I'll be around.

~ Locke

I'll be the first to thank Locke for the work he has put in, not only on the Night Hawks, but also on the various and sundry projects that have been rolling around to help CNS get back into fighting trim. It's very much apreciated.

This also means that the position of Night Hawks Battleteam Leader is open for applications.

Now, I understand that in a lot of places, BTL is considered rather basic, and people think it might not have the same sort of influence or effect as higher positions. To that I disagree entirely. Battleteams are where the rubber meets the road for the membership. It is where the first (and often, longest lasting) friendships in the club between members begin. It is also where our members can get hooked in and help ensure that our clan (and our club) continues on in perpetuity.

TL;DR? It's an important job.

If you are interested in taking on the job, send your applications to Xolarin and myself by March Tenth. There are a lot of resources on our wiki and in our Shadow Academy that can help you build a proper application, but ultimately, what we are going to be looking for is someone who really wants to help build our culture in HMR (and by proxy, in CNS) and help the rest of our summit get things to where we all need and want them to be.


Ronovi asks: Let's settle this once and for all: Is Muz's long and luscious hair the secret to his power?

Legend says that if Muz's hair were to be cut, he would become even MORE powerful. as a result, there is a contingent of special forces attached to the GMRG that keeps anyone with scissors or razors away from him. This makes it excessively difficult for him to trim his facial hair. :P

No, it's just hair.


• Week one of Operation Antiquity is on!
• Congrats to Knight Hilgrif!
• Shoutout to Hilgrif and Kojiro for immediately volunteering and working on a project for the clan.
• Thanks to Locke for all his hard work as BTL
• Apply for Night Hawks BTL

Otherwise, keep having fun out there, and let me know if I can help with anything.


Nice report, boss. If you want to help leadership, grow as a leader, or have ideas for the Night Hawks - apply!

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