The Guardian Corps: First Report


The Guardian Corps: First Report


First Guardian Corps Quaestor Report

Report Fiction

Od’enn Mountains

Center Office

Asylum Compound

The winds of the mountain kissed against Asylum Compound, the flakes of snow melting against the warm walls embedded into the cold face of the mountain. In a quiet space, in the darkness of isolation, a newly anointed Quaestor stared out into the distance, the blizzard raging against the warmth of his quarters. He sighed as he turned from the window, shaking his head as the memories of his yesteryears nipped at his brain. The Gungan walked to his desk, an alien object to him but something deemed necessary by his colleagues, and started shifting papers around, the headlines of each report smacking him in the face. Poverty, starvation, isolation. Each one told him of another village, another planet, choking on the benefits of being in a galaxy that had long abandoned hope. A tear welled up in his eye as he turned towards the window, the righteous rage of a “Jedi” backed into a corner laughing in his mind, the creature capable of justifying any course of action in the name of the greater good. The light was elusive, but the darkness always welcomed the Gungan in until he choked, the pull of the dark side firmly gripped around his neck. But what would his family think? Could he fall so far from what they stood for and still desire to breathe? Though the darkness rippled through his heart and mind, though fury and melancholy ripped at the fiber of his being, the Gungan knew that no good ever came from a decent man standing aside. He demanded that some good be brought back to the galaxy.

He left his office, traversing the halls of Od’enn Mountain's new complex, nodding at the various Guardians that filled its halls. Each of them held a light that shone differently than Kah, some brighter and others surprisingly dimmer than his own, but he never doubted their loyalty as they fought for the ideals of Odan-Urr and this new order called the Guardians, a hodgepodge of creeds and ideals. Guided by a maelstrom of differing morals and values, the Corps had become something that the Gungan could never have imagined. A force for good, something that even the most pessimistic and depressed could smile at. The Gungan was proud, a sensation that had long spread its wings and flew his coop, a sensation that warmed every inch of his body. A sensation that brought a tear to his eye, the memory of what happened to his family pushing itself to the forefront of his mind and the ideals of the Guardian roaring at the memory, telling it that nothing like that could ever happen again. Not while he breathed. Not while they walked this galaxy. Never again.

He made his way to the center of the complex, which housed the cafeteria and general quarters for the Guardians while not out on a mission or training. It wasn’t much, but the complex had just been built and Kah knew the Corps would grow into it. He nodded to a few, such as Gui and Aura, long standing members of Odan-Urr and welcomed members to the compound. He began to ingratiate himself with other members he had not yet spoken to as much as the others, learning their stories and desires. He smiled as they spoke of retribution and justice, nodded at others' desire for delivering pain, and winked when he heard tales of vengeance and glory. He had drank from each cup, and knew that their nectar was sweet and alluring. He was thrilled with the people before him, the group of differing creeds and ideals building upon each other to form the Guardian Corps, the bulwark against ignorance, darkness, and tyranny.

He beckoned a droid, whispering in his ear a few commands until his voice could be heard by all in the compound. The droid scuttled away, reaching a control panel a few feet from Kah and began hitting buttons. Large, durasteel panels slid down to cover the windows, the artificial light dimming as they did so. The group turned to their Quaestor, who was standing on a platform, his saber in hand.

“Da light of Odan-Urr…” he said, activating his lightsaber and bathing the room in its azure glow, “burns brightly. Strengthened by da passion and fire dat resides in all of us. Doe our lights may be different, doe our creeds may clash, wesa burn to protect those unable to protectin’ desaselves.”

As the last words left his bill, the room in unison activated their sabers and raised them high. For those that did not carry a saber, they grabbed any source of light they had on them and joined in the choir of light. The sight was beautiful, bringing another tear to the Gungans eye.


First Quaestor Report of The Guardian Corps

Well welcome to my very first ever Quaestor report! If you’re reading this, I want to say thank you for taking the time to peruse its contents and my hope is that it will churn something inside of all us to have some fun with the new house and make it something we can all be proud of. Which brings to mind a question: What are the Guardian Corps?

The Guardians are the military branch of Odan-Urr. We are the ones who get down in dirty in the thick of battle, but we are also those that offer aid and support to those that need it. Whether that be helping villagers in our domain protect themselves from gangs and miscreants wanting to do them harm, or offering support to our Consular and Sentinel comrades while they do their important work for the clan, the Guardians will heed the call.

Currently, we are housed in Asylum Complex in the Od’enn Mountains, but we also will have a mobile defense base (details to come later) that we will spend the majority of our time in. Od’enn Mountains will be where we train up and hone our skills while we are not away on missions, a home away from home type of thing. In the coming days, I’m going to be reaching out to everyone in The Guardians, basically surveying you all on what you’d like to see happen in the house, where interests lie, etc. etc. to make sure we all feel a part of the Guardians. I do apologize that I haven’t done this yet, but believe me, it’s a high priority.


What Have You Been Doing?

What have I been doing? Well, things and stuff. I started work on our main wiki, which if there are any volunteers for that, please reach out as wiki work is not my forte but I will slog through it if no one else wishes to. I’ve been coming up with some things for October, such as competitions and what not to give us fun things to do, and I also came up with a little nifty thing that I’d like to unveil now.

It’s called the Order of the Varactyl. Basically, this will be a fun little elite group within The Guardians that members can earn a place in by being active and competing in competitions and gaming and the like. The group, at inception, will consist of 5 members that canonically will protect the Summit of Odan-Urr. The top member will protect the Consul, second top member the PCON, and so on and so on. Each month these five members will be replaced by new members (unless of course you managed to maintain the level of activity that got you in the Order in the first place) and those previous 5 members will be placed on the Order’s roster to show that they are among the best of the best of the Guardians. I think it’ll be a fun little incentive, as the Order will have “elite training” and special stuff to play with, as well as getting some extra scritchins by the Summit (in every movie, bodyguards get scritchins right?)



Every report is gonna have a list of competitions, but for this report I’d like to just highlight one series:

What If...? Comps

The What If comp series is an awesome comp series that Turel is currently running, I highly recommend anyone interested to take a look at try and participate in all of them. Really great stuff.


The Gungan Gossip

Every report I am going to try and highlight a thing that I think we should really work on and improve. Now, because this house is just opening and all that, I think the easiest thing to say would be everything should be worked on in terms of foundation. Do you want to help with that? Awesome, send me a PM and we can discuss strengths and interests. But another thing that I have noticed is Gaming activity has seemed to wane a bit and I think that is one area that we used to dominate in without even trying.

So, why don’t we set a goal to try and increase gaming activity? And if you’re thinking “Kah, dude, I don’t game often. Not a big gamer, to be honest.” Hey, I consider myself a writer in the club and don’t ever game really unless it’s a super special occasion or I can’t think of a good excuse (there are only so many times I can say I died in a plane crash before people stop believing it.) but I think this is something that is easily achievable and will be fun to do along the way. Grab a friend or Clan mate and just play a few games, not making this a requirement or demand just a suggestion. If you’re looking for an easy area to show motivation, gaming might be a good place to look. Also, because we are new, our wiki desperately needs some TLC. That would also be a good place to volunteer.


Ask Kah Stuff!

Turel asks: What are you looking forward to most with the dawn of a new house

Excellent question. I am really looking forward to taking the discombobulated pieces and components of the things from our past that brought us here, and assembling them together into a lovely new toy we can all play with. I have always wanted to help create things that people will enjoy being a part of and playing with. I believe that when you help create and build things, it’ll give you a greater reason to stick around and have some fun, and that is exactly what I want to help do with the Guardians. We all have a piece to the puzzle that is The Corps, and together we can make it happen.

I want to note: The Guardians is to Odan-Urr like Bobby Singer was to the Hunters in Supernatural. They belong to all of us, not just one or two people, and I really want to make sure that is clear from the get go.

Donny asks: What do you think the relationship between Ira and Kah will be like?

After a super quick glance at your Character sheet, I think Kah and Ira will be like kindred spirits. I think their relationship will be mirrored in how the two houses will interact with each other.

Donny also asks: Favorite class in D&D?

Honestly, I have only played D&D a handful of times, but every time I had some bad experiences. I’d have to say probably Necromancer, and anyone that knows me is not surprised at all by that.

Aura asks: If we are the Guardians of the Galaxy, can we do dance offs?

Naturally, what kind of a silly question is that? I’d be insulted if we didn’t.

Aura also asks: What sort of lovely plans do you have for us all?

We have some things in the shadows being formulated and crafted for the whole clan that I can’t really get into yet, but in the near future, I want to get some fiction and roleplaying going to flesh out the early days of the Guardians, codifying that in the wiki. I’m kicking around an idea of a “villain of the month” type of thing, but so far every time I’ve tried that, it hasn’t worked out like I envisioned so I have to go back to the drawing board.

I’d also, as stated earlier, want to try and increase gaming a bit. I know I can game more, even if it’s a few Hearthstone games every so often. I’m also going to be issuing a few comps for graphics for various things, so keep an eye out for that!



And there we have it, folks. I haven't written a report in a very long time, so I promise these will get better. Have a great weekend, and always feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Also, this was a little rushed more than I wanted cause I thought I'd have more energy when finishing this but felt super drained when I got home.

Great report Kah! Now lets go request some unique report GFX :P

Awesome fiction! Great first report! I'm excited to see all the great things you have planned!

Great report! Excited to see where the new House goes from here.

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