The one with new minions!


The one with new minions!


Welcome one and all to my first post-GJW report. While it wasn't the first DJB wide event I've been a part of, it was my first war. I would be lying if I said it was an easy process, but I can say it was pretty enjoyable. I enjoyed most every entry and got to see the hard work the majority of the club puts into these submissions. Big shout out to all Novae winners, as well as Arcona, Naga Sadow, and Vizsla on their epic wins!

With the end of the war, I do have some plans moving forward for the SA, including some staff changes. I'll explain below.

Winner of the Praetor roulette

I can honestly say that I get excellent applications when I put a call out for open slots in the Academy making for some hard decisions. This last call for Praetor gave me fits for several days, and caused me to reach out to several others for their opinions, as well as me poking some of the applicants with a question about SA staffing. I narrowed my decision down to two applicants, but in the end, I felt it would be best to go with someone who has a pretty intimate knowledge of the SA, its current and future status, and some clear ideas on how to run the staff. That being said, please congratulate Ciara Tearnan on her ascension to Praetor!

New Minion, and minion in training

Once I decided to go with Ciara I took a long hard look at my other applicant. Due to his excellent application, I decided to forego the application process for a new Magistrate with Ciara's ascension. This is someone with a rich history in the club and has been consistently offering help to the Shadow Academy. Please welcome Darth Aeternus to the SA as Magistrate. Long known to us old farts as Korras, he has served as Master at Arms, Hand of Justice, and as the old Obelisk High Commander. With his history, I'm looking forward to his advice and ideas on how to lead the SA. Beware though, as an Obelisk like myself, he isn't used to big words. :D

Korras suggested in his application that we turn one of the magistrates into a rotating training position. This would serve to give a member SA experience, potential leadership experience in project work, and give more people the ability to report back on what goes on in the SA to others.

That being said, we are hiring for 1 Magistrate position that will rotate out every 6 months. THings we are looking for are below.

  • No Leadership or rank requirements
  • Include your thoughts on the current SA and what you would like to see done
  • Project ideas that you think you would like to include

Send applications to both Ciara and myself, no later than midnight server time on the 20th of Oct. Failure to send it to both of us will have your application discarded.

Future projects

I have been toying with the idea of bringing back the old GJW and Vendetta exams. This would allow those of us who are completionists to complete the exams or add another 100% to our dossier. With these, I am also debating on adding in another set of degrees to add for easier access in climbing the ladder to Rank XII.

Final thoughts

Starting the next report I will be following Ciara's advice on starting a #asktheHM. Until then, I again hope everyone enjoyed the GJW, and I hope you're looking forward to the future events planned by your respective Clan Summits!

Learn. Master. Arise

DS, Headmaster

Congratulations Lord Aeternus!

And in Dutch: Gefeliciteerd Korras.

Congrats, both of you!


Thanks, all! And Xendar, congrats on all your SA accomplishments already! Killing it. :)

Congrats, y'all!

Nice report, congrats to Ciara en gefeliciteerd Korras!

The SA and its courses have been invaluable in getting to know the in- and outs of the DB, without needing to bother everyone with endless questions.

dank u, dank u! ;)

looking forward to getting the hang of the SA. :)

Congrats everyone!

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