The Wardens BTS report #1


The Wardens BTS report #1

Good day Wardens

Welcome to The Wardens third report, a.k.a. My first report. From this point on Sid and I will be trading reporting duties each week, meaning I'll pick up where Sid left off last week and he'll be back to report next week.

I'd first like to officially introduce myself . I'm Aiden Dru , the recently appointed XO of The Wardens. I joined the DB about a month ago and was lucky enough to find myself placed in Taldryan just weeks before becoming a Clan again. Once Clanhood hit a couple new leadership positions opened up and I jumped at the opportunity to apply.

So here I am and here's this weeks report for The Wardens.

News and Other Things to Know

  • Our Proconsul Yacks put a report out earlier last week, be sure to check out the RTFR afterwards-Taldryan Proconsul Report: Sickness? Ain't nobody got time for that!

  • For those of you into TOR we've got a report from Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae announcing some updates and changes to how things are going to run in TOR for the DB's guild, you can check that out here-ToR Guild Update 1.01

  • DJM Raken talks about new mounts in TOR which you can find here

  • More gaming news in the form of Diablo 3. Valhavok gives a run down on how the awards system has changed for Diablo 3

  • Seems being sick has given Yacks some T.V. binge time and he's put up a short report on one of Star Wars animated series-The Clone Wars Season 6 is Now Out!

  • House Ektrosis has also got a new member, Rossi .

I hope to see them grow alongside us and hopefully join The Wardens in time. Welcome Rossi!


You can find a complete list of competitions here but I'll list a collection of some competitions going on for Taldryan as well

Be warned I'm entered in a few so goodluck and have fun.

Awards and Promotions

This was a pretty eventful week, so without further ado here's how some of members of The Wardens are doing in the club

  • We've got a big promotion in the form of Kenath Zoron becoming a Dark Jedi Knight! Zoron returned with a huge wave of activity and became the first to hit knighthood since the reclanning of Taldryan. Good job Z!

  • Lokasena Corvinus received a Crescent Emerald star for their gaming abilities.

  • Aiden Dru got a promotion to JH and also got a Crescent with an Emerald Star.

Thats it For This Weeks Report

It's been a good one and I'm glad to rise and grow along with my fellow clan mates. Be sure to keep in touch, I'll provide a list of important contacts within The Wardens and Taldryan below.

Members to Contact








Woo, report! Well done, Dru. All pretty and markdownisized as well.

Great job on your first report!

well done Dru!

Good job Dru!

Great first report there man! /me wipes tear from his cheek

I'm so proud of you!

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