The Wardens BTS Report #2


The Wardens BTS Report #2

Hello Again,

And welcome to another weekly edition of The Wardens BT Report. Sid's on vacation so I'll be stepping in again this week (with some fancy new gfx made by Rian Aslar). Anyways, it's time for reportage.


News and Reports

The Fading Light's first round is over. And now I'd like to focus my attention onto the ACC Qualifications. A lot of emphasis on the next round being ACC orientated so it'd be a good idea to go and get qualified if you haven't already. Now for some other news updates.

  • Solari gives Google Drive users good news about storage space

SBL Valhavok released three reports since last week, but I'll only be covering two in this report.

  • In his first report he lets us in on a Diablo III 50% discount. Better hurry because it only lasts until March 23rd.

  • Valhavok's second report also has some news for Diablo III fans about how the PoBs will be working and "some other things" to do with D3. Also some talk about a google calender somewhere in there

Lots of reports coming out of Taldryan this week.

  • Halc talks about stuff that happened in Ektrosis last week here

  • Someone managed to wake Howie long enough to get a bambootastic Rollmaster Report done

  • Yacks talks about Proconsul things and his ramen diet in his most recent report

  • Rian and his big blue awesomeness whipped up a Consul Report for March.


Competitions and uhh...Awards

Since the Run On had been going on there weren't many Awards so I'll be including those in this section with the competitions.Lets begin with some competitions run by Taldryan


  • March Madness!! has begun, well for the DB anyway. The competition run by The Wardens member Zoron is in full swing as the first game is on its way. Hurry and get your picks in before March 21st

  • Taldryans Gate Keeper Trials is still going on

  • Kaz and Mav from from Dinaari are still looking for some stuff to make their reports look nice like mine

Here's a couple competitions I'm interested in

Look around for yourself on the competitions page and see if you can find anything your interested in.


  • Aiden Dru earned 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star and 2 Crescents with Emerald Star

  • Zoron earned 1 Crescent with Emerald Star


Thats all for Now

I'm all reported out and I've said all there was. Oh yeah...go ahead and take a look at Dinaari's Aedile Report. I mean you don't have to, but it's good to know the happenings of your Clan.

Till next time,

Aiden Dru

Wardens Battleteam Sergeant

Very well written report Dru!

That's a good Dru!

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