The Wardens BTS Report #3 - "Insert Title Here"


The Wardens BTS Report #3 - "Insert Title Here"

It's April Fools

But there will be no jokes in this report. Moving on, this week was rather uneventful. The ROs are over and being graded so now we've got some extra time to focus on our Houses and Clans. Its also a great time to start bringing up our activity and getting some competitions done. Also if you haven't qualified for the ACC then I suggest you do so while there's still time. The next event will be ACC based and the more members we get qualified only means Taldryans got a better chance of bringing home the gold...again. Enough of that, onward to the DB news and other reports.


News and Reports

As I Previously stated not much going on this week, but here are some of the highlights


Competitions and Misc

Onto the next section of things to do. Now lets see if we can get some activeness in and pick up a few crescents in these competitions.

  • Ektrosis needs a motto and who better to ask than it's own members. That's right Halc and Quejo want you to come up with a new motto for our House. You can submit multiple mottos and it should reflect Ektrosis role as the "shield" in Taldryan fiction.

  • Harbingers need a logo and they're asking all of Taldryan to help out. If you got some art skills and want to help the other battle team out a bit you should check it out and give it a shot.

  • I myself have branched out to the competitions page and created a puzzle for you to try. Today is the last day for this weeks puzzle, but check back soon for a new one.

  • Taldryan continues their monthly search in Taldryan Gatekeeper Trials, April 2014

Check the FULL competitions page out here and check back often to see what new competitions are going on. Pazaak pazaak pazaak. Now onto some of the miscellaneous items.

  • Aiden Dru earned a neat Steel Cross and racked up 72 CFs

  • Zoron got himself 24 CFs, Zoron also passed his ACC Qualification!

  • Draco Sangria passed his ACC Fundamentals exam. Wooo one step closer to being ACC certified


Closing Time

And that's all for this week. I'd like to again remind you all to go over and get ACC qualified and hopefully become more activerver :P

JH Aiden Dru / BTS / Battle Team Wardens of House Ektrosis of Clan Taldryan

LOL, nice report! Very well done, and yes, do all the competitions! (and get qualified!)

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