The Wrath of Nekros


The Wrath of Nekros

Dark Greetings to everyone in Nekros Syndicate,

For the few of you that I have not talked to yet, my name is Strask Rurra'bek. Tonight, Solas has given me the title of The Wrath of Nekros, BT Sergeant.

I will be setting an example through participation in competitions, as well as communication with all of you, to raise our BT to a new level. I'll give updates on running competitions as often as they change, and be around for advice on any type of competition.

Listed below are the 5 competitions currently running within Tarentum and 4 of them are being ran by members of our BT! I'd like to ask that you participate in our members competitions, and we'll of course do the same for you. For a full list of competitions that are running throughout the DJB, go to the website, and click on Competitions under the Main tab at the top of the page.

Six Degrees of Star Wars #3 - Hosted by Frosty

[Tarentum] RM Report Puzzle #5 - Hosted by Frosty

Nekros Syndicate - Pilgrimage - Hosted by Solas

There is only the force

[Tarentum] Mobile Gaming: Sky Force 2014 - Hosted by TheGeosh

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or Telegram.

Thank you for your time, The Wrath of Nekros

Good job Strask, but your links aren't applied correctly

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