Tython Squadron Report #12


Tython Squadron Report #12

Merry Christmas... Sithmas?... Life Day?... Hannukah?... Wait, what's the official Brotherhood lore regardging - ah screw it, you get the idea! It's the holiday season!

Ok, ok, for real here for a second, I do need to apologize for something before we move forward - yes, I did not submit a report last month... and yes, technically this one is late too.

But, I finally launched the second part of Castaway last month, so that's good!

Yeah, though, among other things, this means you'll be getting two months worth of recognitions below. Before we move onto that though, why don't we annound the winners of the team's November comps, shall we?

  • 3rd place, at 14 points, Elyon De Neverse!

  • 2nd Place, at 19 points, Jafits Skrumm!

  • And taking home 1st place, also at 19 points, Agate Gualara!

For the first time since I started this little endeavor, we actually had a tie: both Jafits and Agate finished out at 19 points overall. However, Agate had a higher number of participants, so she takes home the win. Sorry Jaf, nothing personal.

Aside from that, a reminder to all that Castaway Part 2, Hoist The Colors is ongoing, and anyone who wants to post next needs only reserve their spot in the Google Doc and begin writing their post there.

And with all that out of the way, why don't we move on to the meat of things, and start the awards recognitions, shall we?


  • Warden A'lora Kituri has participated in 3 Competitions, earning 1 Crescent With Emerald Star, 3 Crescents With Topaz Star, 1 Cluster Of Ice, and 1 Legion of the Scholar

  • Vanguard Jafits Skrumm has participated in 52 Competitions, earning 2 Crescents With Ruby Star, 3 Crescents With Amethyst Star, 8 Crescents With Saphire Star, 9 Crescents With Emerald Star, 4 Crescents With Topaz Star, 6 Clusters Of Fire, and 27 Clusters Of Graphite.

  • Mystic Agate Gua’lara has participated in 48 Competitions, earning 1 Crescent With Diamond Star, 6 Crescents With Ruby Star, 10 Crescents With Amethyst Star, 3 Crescents With Saphire Star, 4 Crescents With Emerald Star, 2 Crescents With Topaz Star, 3 Crescents With Quartz Star, 2 Clusters Of Ice, and 38 Clusters Of Graphite.

  • Knight Nijalah has participated in 1 Competitions, earning 1 Cluster Of Ice.

  • Peacekeeper Elyon De Neverse: Has participated in 37 Competitions, earning 2 Crescents with Saphire Stars, 4 Crescents With Emerald Stars, 1 Crescents With Quartz Star, 13 Clusters Of Ice, 12 Clusters Of Graphite, and a Scroll Of Indoctrination.

  • Mystic Talis Kor-Za has participated in 2 Competitions, earning 3 Clusters Of Ice.


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