Tython Squadron Report #2


Tython Squadron Report #2

Tython Squadron Report 2: SITREP


Tython Squadron has been exceptionally busy since the last report due to the ongoing Basic Flight Training event. Several necessary administrative aspects of the Battleteam have been completed and rolled out. Most importantly, we have reached a critical milestone of a full twelve-member roster and have seen stellar activity in Battleteam centric competitions. It is an honor to present our second report.


Thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of the opening of Satele Shan’s Battleteam, we now are mustering a full twelve-man squadron. This was an early goal and one that was reached within three weeks of the opening of the unit.

To coincide with this milestone the initial Wiki page for Tython Squadron has been created and can be found here

In order to solicit feedback from our pilots regarding potential future base of operations and which fighter craft platform we will be looking to fly as an operational unit, a survey has been sent out and the results have been insightful. The announcement of these considerations will be revealed after a few more fictional aspects and Clan level discussions are ironed out going forward.

Basic Flight Training event has been a resounding success thus far. This series of six competitions runs through 29 December. At the time of writing, there have been over 30 entries by eleven individual members. We are on track to have 100% member participation with a goal of 100% contribution to all events. To say this level of activity for our first event is unprecedented for a new Battleteam.


Tython Squadron has filled its roster with twelve active pilots. The following pilots have transferred to us from JTF Satele Shan and are awaiting assignment:

  • Vanguard Ranarr Kul-Tarentae: Flight Status TBD

  • Knight Tyraal Bitshiver: Flight Status TBD

Awards and Promotions

  • Reaver Kasula Daegella – 16 Clusters of Fire – 12 Clusters of Earth

  • Vanguard Ranarr Kul-Tarentae – Heir of Tarentum Title

  • Vanguard Jafits Skrumm – 2 Clusters of Fire – 12 Clusters of Ice

  • Seer Junazee – 16 Clusters of Fire – 1 Steel Cross

  • Savant Aaleeshah – 1 Pendant of Blood

  • Commander Mauro Wynter – 2 Crescent Ruby – 1 Crescent Sapphire – 9 Clusters of Ice

  • Knight Ethan Martes – 3 Clusters of Ice

Upcoming Tasking

Several key missions are in the works for Tython Squadron:

• Tython Squadron – Battleteam Nighthawk event January 2018

• Expanded Wiki to incorporate ongoing events

• Unit Possession discussions continue to firm up our future home and platform


It has been an eventful two weeks since the last report. With a full roster and over 30 submissions to Basic Flight Training, we are off to a resounding success and look to capitalize on this with more fictional growth and inputs from our members. Several Odan-Urr Clan-wide and inter-Clan Battleteam events forthcoming in the next three months will help cement our foundation and legitimacy within the organization. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach these critical early milestones.

Killing it! Great start to you and your team Mauro. Very proud of the activity and fun you all are creating together as a team!

Great team to be part of!

Good report boss

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