Tython Squadron Report #3


Tython Squadron Report #3

Tython Squadron Report 3: Basic Flight Training Completed


It is my distinct honor to announce the results of Tython Squadron’s first major event, Basic Flight Training. The competition and level of activity was simply staggering, with each event being upgraded and seeing 100% participation from all members. Beyond that, 5 members submitted to every single competition and 5 members submitted to 4 of 5. A full 54 entries were received and placement was within 1 point for 8 spots. Well done Tython Squadron…that being said…


Without further ado, let me humbly announce the top pilots of Tython Squadron. These three are hereby known as Ace pilots and have earned high regard within the unit.

  • Raider Chrome

  • Seer Junazee

  • Vanguard Ranarr-Kul Tarentae

The fictional write up for this event can be found here


Tython Squadron has swelled to 14 active pilots. The following pilots have transferred to us from JTF Satele Shan and are awaiting assignment:

  • Yeoman Tex: Flight Status TBD

  • Padawan Zeline Nemesis: Flight Status TBD

Awards and Promotions

  • Raider Chrome – Legion of the Scholar, Crescent Sapphire x2, Crescent Amethyst

  • Knight Tyraal Bitshiver – Crescent Emerald

  • Knight Ethan Martes – Crescent Topaz x2

  • Vanguard Korroth – Crescent Sapphire

  • Seer Mar Sul – Crescent Emerald

  • Vanguard Ranarr-Kul Tarantae – Crescent Topaz x2, Crescent Sapphire, Crescent Emerald

  • Seer Junazee – Crescent Emerald x2, Crescent Sapphire

Upcoming Tasking

Several key missions are in the works for Tython Squadron:

• Tython Squadron – Battleteam Nighthawk event January 2018

• Expanded Wiki to incorporate the results of Basic Flight Training

• Tython Squadron’s possession has been approved and a Tie Defender squadron will be placed within the JTF Satele Shan container shortly


Again, I cannot stress how impressed and proud I am of the skilled and talented pilots of Tython Squadron. In a scant few weeks, the unit has come from a call to action, to a proposal, to a full fledged group that has performed well above the level of many Houses, let alone Battleteams. We have firmly placed ourselves on the map. Take a bow Tython Squadron, and be prepared for the next tasking.

Nice report, and love to see this somewhat specialized BT succeed. I might get suckered into this kind thing... :P

Congrats on the Tie Defenders folks! Job well done!

Nice job everyone and congrats on the TIE Defenders!

Great work everyone!

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