Tython Squadron Report # 5


Tython Squadron Report # 5

Tython Squadron Report 5: Battle Tested


Greetings everyone. Another exciting report to cover the end of Operation Enigma and setting up the Rendezvous with Destiny event with Battleteam Nighthawk and recognizing some of our members for their stellar work! Finally, some important reminders on the status of the Battleteam.



Another big shout out to Raider Chrome for creating the nice section break graphic for our reports.

Tython Squadron Wiki page has been updated yet again. Current updates pertain to closing the Operation Enigma storyline and setting up the Rendezvous with Destiny event, as well as our updated listing of Tython Aces. The wiki can be found here Tython Squadron

Speaking of Operation Enigma. We had over 30 submissions for these 3 events. Average response rate was 10 submissions per. As such, all Crescents were upgraded. This event was critical in establishing the fictional baseline for the coming two events that run through the end of February. Overall, the top placers that carry the title of Tython Ace are as follows:

  • Vanguard Korroth

  • Knight Ethan Martes

  • Colonel Arcia Cortel

Events you ask? Yes, indeed, events. Plural. The Rendezvous with Destiny event starts on 31 January and runs for a week, through February 8th. This event is our friendly cooperative with Battleteam Nighthawk of Arcona. Big thanks to Seer Constantine for putting this together with us.

Also, as you have all seen in our combined Quaestor and Aedile report, the House event is starting soon! This event will run most of February and is a major fictional tasking that will set the tone for the House for a long time to come, and is very well written. As a special note, pending Tython’s participation in this and the Nighthawk event we are extremely close to being awarded a carrier for our uses. A special carrier that many of us have wanted since day one. Hint? Swapping out a medical bay for a prison complex…Anyhow the event fiction can be found here Shadow of the Kesaret



Tython Squadron is, as previously reported, the largest Battleteam in the DJB. As such, at this time, the unit is not taking new members. Also, as was initially stated to all members Tython Squadron is an elite, merit based unit. Members must maintain activity within the Battleteam events. For members who do not attain this standard, they will be transferred off the team. Our final original plank-owner there is:

  • Colonel Arcia Cortel



It is my pleasure to announce that Savant Aaleeshah has been awarded a Dark Cross for her efforts within Tython Squadron. Many other pilots are on the cusp of this milestone and are likely to achieve it with the upcoming events.


Upcoming Tasking

Several key missions are in the works for Tython Squadron:

• Rendezvous with Destiny event with Battleteam Nighthawk

• Shadow of the Kesaret House event

• Tython Squadron base



Since the last report we have done many things. We attained over 90% max participation in Operation Enigma from active members. Our wiki has been updated. We have pinned new Tython Aces. We have our new report image break. Oh, and we are about to hit two large events and are on the cusp of being granted a capital ship to serve as our mobile base of operations. Tython Squadron continues to shatter records and expectations thanks to the hard work and teamwork of the unit.


90% is insane, great job. I’m very excited for the team and looking forward to the joint event with Arcona.

-> Nice report! <- -> Try to center your images next time and it'll even look better <-

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