Tython Squadron Report # 6


Tython Squadron Report # 6

Tython Squadron Report 6: Mission Accomplished


Greetings everyone. Another exciting report to cover the end of ‘’’’’Rendezvous of Destiny’’’’’ our joint event with Nighthawk of Clan Arcona. Overall, we have a final fiction to unleash, spotlight some new Wiki content, highlight some awards, and setup for the future.



Another big shout out to Vanguard Korroth for editing several of our Tython related Wiki pages. As promised, due to the activity on our Rendezvous of Destiny we have several updated Wiki pages:

Tython Squadron our Battleteam page

Silvia Tanos our very own NPC Adjutant

Hegemon our very own support craft

Mauro Wynter our very own BTL

And the biggest piece of information is the results of Rendezvous of Destiny. Well, the metrics: 47 individual submissions, 16 participants, across 4 events. The overall winners, and new Tython Aces are as follows:

  • Vanguard Korroth

  • Mystic Talis DeMorte

  • Mystic Ethan Martes

And without further ado, the end fiction. This fiction is 5 pages of Tython awesome, highlighting the efforts of many of you in fighting the enemy and cooperating with Seer Constantine and the pilots of Nighthawk. The fiction can be found here Rendezvous of Destiny



Tython Squadron’s goal has always been to be a reasonable size with sustained superior performance. Admittedly, a ‘squadron’ with 18 members is both unrealistic and somewhat unwieldy. While being the largest BT within the DJB so fast was great, it was somewhat of a misstep from our core principle of being THE elite, merit based, and performance required unit of the DJB. As such, we have a few transfers:

  • Peacekeeper Dael Provect to Satele Shan

  • Yeoman Tex to Satele Shan



This is perhaps my favorite part of being a BTL, being able to award our members for their superior performance in the line of duty. As such, it is my pleasure to announce the following:

  • Vanguard Korroth – Dark Cross

  • Mystic Talis Demorte – Dark Cross

  • Colonel Arcia Cortel – Dark Cross


Upcoming Tasking

Several key missions are in the works for Tython Squadron:

• House Event – Shadow of the Kesaret – 9 competitions and the fiction written by your very own BTL and starring YOU, Tython Squadron, and the rest of Satele Shan

• Well deserved R&R



It has been a VERY busy month and change for us. We have weathered THREE large events for Tython Squadron and the numbers were staggering…over 100 submissions with participation rates of 85%, 90%, and 80% respectively. Again, this is UNHEARD of participation from a group of our size. Not only are we large, but we are illustrious.

Tython Squadron, hold your heads up high. While many doubted our ability to sustain the enthusiasm of being a new team we have not had any attrition and continue to lead by example and are THE Battleteam to watch within the club. Thank you all for your continued support.


Well done to Tython members and Mauro. You all continue to do great things and have fun as a team. Keep it up and enjoy some well needed rest before the House event!

Well done Tython!!

Good luck - you guys are awesome!

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