Tython Squadron Report #8


Tython Squadron Report #8

The Great Jedi War has now drawn to a close. Let me just say how much I and the entire Summit is proud of all of you. Everyone in the Clan did really great, and you all really showed why you're the Battle Team.

On a side note, now that the War is over, the BT's storyline will be resuming with the next chapter in the Castaway saga, for those of you still interested in pursuing that. I'll be reaching out about it more as the month goes on, so be on the lookout for that.

Naturally, the results of the war won't be in for a bit yet, so I'll be recognizing them in the August Report. In the meantime, here's the recognitions for this month.

  • Warden Celevon Edraven Erinos participated in 4 competitions and earned 9 Scrolls Of Foundation.

  • Warden A'lora Kituri participated in 7 competitions.

  • Augur Vez Hirundo participated in 16 competitions and earned 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, and 2 Clusters of Graphite.

  • Vanguard Jafits Skrumm participated in 18 competitions, and earned Crescent with Ruby Star 1 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, 1 Crescent with Sapphire Star, 1 Crescent with Emerald Star, 4 Clusters of Fire, 45 Clusters of Earth, and 2 Clusters of Graphite.

  • Vanguard Maximus Alvinius participated in 5 competitions.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane participated in 19 competitions, earning 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, 1 Cluster Of Fire, and 2 Clusters of Earth. Essik also assisted Aura by writing GJW guides.

  • Mystic Agate Gua’lara participated in 18 competitions, earning 3 Crescents with Ruby Star, 2 Crescents with Saphire Star, and 2 Clusters of Graphite

    This being so soon after the end of the Great Jedi War, there naturally isn't much in the way of running comps, and we're all probably a bit burnt out anyway. Still, here's what we've got for those who want to ride their momentum while it lasts:

  • Puzzlek Warmer

  • Star Wars Movie Madness PT Characters (Easy)

well done Tython.

Nice to see we were so active in that event. Thank you for the update on this front.

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