Vizsla IV: A House and a Hunt


Vizsla IV: A House and a Hunt

Clan Vizsla (and friends),

It is an exciting day in Clan Vizsla's history with the opening of House Wren. House Wren was our first planned house from our initial Clan proposal and we are happy to see it become a reality. The House will be led by our dynamic gaming duo Warp/Rulvak (QUA) and Amira/Arcia/Esca (AED). In the coming days Warp and Esca will open a new battle team within the House.

Clan Vizsla is going to celebrate the opening of House Wren in the only manner we know: Having a Great Hunt.
This six part competition will consist of multiple timed hunts (and a kill) across a variety of Dark Jedi Brotherhood platforms.

Details below:

You are one of the first to wear the Vizsla colors, but being a member of the team is only the first step in creating your legend. Clan Vizsla has acquired multiple contracts to hunt down individuals across the galaxy. It is your turn to prove you are the best.

  1. The Great Hunt: Container
  2. Database Hunt: Find the Illusive member
  3. It's Your Destiny(2): Find the Target in Destiny 2
  4. SWTOR Friends or Credits: Find the Target (?) in SWTOR
  5. Dauntless: Find the Bad MoFo in Dauntless
  6. Diablo 3: Find the Sin Lieutenant
  7. It's on the Wiki: Find the random page

*The Great Hunt is live now!

Let's goooo!

good luck on your hunt

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