Vizsla Proconsul Report 1.0


Vizsla Proconsul Report 1.0

Vizsla Proconsul Report 1.0

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Mid-Rite Edition

Hello and welcome! As Korvis pointed out in his last report, I'm now filling some large boots in the PCON role - just in time for a Rite of Supremacy!

Luckily, that timing means there's not a whole ton of fresh stuff to report, since we're all in Riting (Ritualling? Roting? Who knows.) mode.

RoS - Phase 1 Completed

Alright, on to brass tacks. We have 20 members currently on the books in the clan. 13 have pledged themselves to a faction (12 of us to Expansionists, 1 to Restorers) - we had a few more pledged pre-RoS, but Real Life inflicted some casualties and they have left to the Rogues for now.

From the Vendetta tracker page, 10 of our members have full bin participation in Phase 1:

  • Val Cole
  • Darcy Avarik
  • Farrin Xies Tarentae
  • Ra'gnar
  • Kanal O'neill
  • Brimstone
  • Korvis
  • Von Ricmore
  • Malfrost Xeon
  • myself

That is OUTSTANDING work all! I don't have a complete breakdown yet of who managed to 100% all Phase 1 activities, but I know there's more than a few who have managed it.

Beyond the bin completion group, I think the remaining members also were able to get participation in at least a bin each, so that's a great start for the Rite.

In the ladders, Brim, Farrin, Ricmore, and Korvis are all still alive in the Hearthstone event. Kanal, Malfrost, and Aldaric are all still alive in the JA event. Sadly, I can only report that I got demolished in both my first round events - as predicted!

RoS - Next Phase

Alright, on to the future. We are in a slight lull between phases, but that doesn't mean nothing it happening - the event-long events are still ongoing, so take advantage of the break to get cracking on those.

Phase 2 is scheduled to start on June 20. I know we're all suffering from withdrawal from the Button Game, but I trust you can survive until then to resume feeding that addiction!

Closing Words

Like I said, there wasn't a ton to report this go around, so once we see some numbers, we'll have some further updates going out.

While we still have to progress through the RoS, just so you all know what's on the horizon - future plans (ie - post-RoS) for the Clan involve some more "world building" to flesh out our resources and history as well as some inter-clan events (something that Drac was working on previously). I also want to try to get us some more "casual" events - I'd love to do some smaller online board game nights, semi-regular gaming events, etc...

I spent some time pre-RoS updating a number of our wiki templates and building out our clan pages - there's stuff in there about the Clan Title, pages for the current (and closed) sub-units, and the main clan page was cleaned up as well. We had previously cannibalized other clans' templates, so the colour-scheme was identical, but we've now decided to go with a dark orange for those templates. Take a peek and feel free to contribute as well - this clan and our history belongs to all our members.

In the meantime - earn them credits!

Colonel Kenath Zoron Ad Vizsla

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Nice work everyone. Looking forward to phase 2

Lets go earn those credits in phase 2 everyone!

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