Voice of the Brotherhood: Clusters of Ice


Voice of the Brotherhood: Clusters of Ice

This is a quick update specifically around updates to the structure, content, and policy regarding the awarding of Clusters of Ice. In reaction to much of the feedback collected over the past year in reviewing competitions, to how Clusters of Ice are awarded for activities and structural changes to the site.

Updated wiki document link is here: Cluster of Ice Wiki page

Summary of Changes

  • Star Wars Requirements: Added a requirement that encompasses all Cluster of Ice generating activities regarding being Star Wars and also require story and realism grading elements.

  • Fiction Archtype: Wiki page updated structure to specifically address Fiction Archetype competitions as a major category of CI generating opportunities.

  • Poetry Requirements: Added specific language to better identify what type of poetry competitions will be approved to award Cluster of Ice.

  • Word Count Reviews: Added language to the wiki regarding need for organizers to review word counts automatically calculated by the site, and the subsequent Voice staff review.

  • Bonus Clusters: Added language to specifically comment on allowing certain positions to, at their discretion, award bonus clusters of ice for activities.

  • Dark Councilor Fiction: To address a gap between Brotherhood fiction, and Clan level fiction, I have added language to cover what is already being done where a specific Dark Councilor can release fiction relative to their position and staff and have that effort rewarded with Clusters of Ice.

  • Antei Combat Center CI Awarding: Changed the formula for awarding Clusters of Ice for ACC battles, increasing it from 0.5 clusters of ice per post per combatant that doesn’t time out to 1.5 clusters of ice. With a 33% bonus to the winner. This update will be effective for all matches judged after the SCL gets the coding updated on the site following the release of this change.

  • ACC Site Logic: Added language to the Cluster of Ice page to discuss partial awarding, and timed out battle awarding for added documentation and transparency.

In darkness,

Evant Taelyan
Voice of the Brotherhood

Will drop a comment here after I confirm the ACC CI changes are live.

You ruined my "first".

Great work, Ev!

Hurray for updated policies! The ACC change was long overdue, I know most matches I'm in the average post is around 1k words.

My average word count in the ACC lately is 2k+ words per post... But that is understandably above the average so to speak. This is a nice change that brings it more in line with the average earnings of CIs in Fiction comps themselves.

well that is cool. :)

ACC CI changes should be live now, and any matches judged and completed will award at the increased quantities.

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