Voice of the Brotherhood: Report 20


Voice of the Brotherhood: Report 20


Hey Dark Jedi Brotherhood! Welcome to my 20th report . This report will include

  • ACC Tournament: Heading toward the Elite 8
  • ACC Tournament: Rubric Changes?
  • Fiction: Two Competitions!
  • The Way Ahead!
  • All the Links
  • The Voice's Word (Stolen from Jac)

ACC Tournament: Heading towards the Elite 8

The Sweet 16 of the ACC Fading Light Tournament has come to an end. One match is pending review and then we will have our Elite 8. Mav and I are toying around with next round's NPC and setting and will attempt to launch this weekend. Please have patience will our grading and round creation. This event is a process that requires careful planning and we are working to the best of our ability. The key take away from the Sweet 16:

1) The story is king. We have reached the stage where most combatants are solid in syntax, solid in continuity, and solid in reality. Your chance to make a mark is in your story. We saw several creative and off kilter stories this round that helped decide the winners.

ACC: Rubric Changes

When taking over as the Voice, it was my goal to create a grading rubric that was standardized and available to the public. A group of DJB veteran's worked on the current rubric and we were very happy with it. The ACC Tournament has provided some insight into potential flaws in our system and as continuous learners, we are not against changing it in the future. Following the conclusion of the Fading Light Tournament, the ACC judges will seek feedback on the rubric (not yet, after the ACC tournament), and will put our heads back together in an effort to bring you the best product we can. We appreciate everyone's input and candid commentary.

Fiction: Two Events!

These events are on now and they have crescents ready for you. You only have a few days to submit, but there is a chance for easy prestige and crescents here (hint hint).

The Tie That Binds Specifics: This month's fiction competition focuses on your character's relationship with another individual. Does your character have a mentor, a master, or a sly rogue that has helped you along your way? Does your character have a tormentor, antagonist, or most hated enemy? Does your character have ties that bind them to any one particular individual? Is there one particular individual that has driven you towards your destiny? This is your chance to write about the yin to your yang or even the yin to your yin and help fully flesh out your character's history.

Platform: Fiction. Acceptable formats include word, pdf, google doc, or any word document I can read.

Details: Minimum length 1000 words. Maximum length 20,0000. Fiction will be graded using the DJB Fiction Rubric (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkrPsJ1Xn54cdENjTU9uVFU0eGU4VF9XckF0LXZJWFE&usp=sharing). The event runs from 19 July 2014 until 08 August 2014.

Assassins Specifics: The Dark Crusade has drawn on for over a year and the Clans and Houses are anxious to secure a quick victory. The Dark Council has promised this victory with one final covert operation. You have been assigned to lead a team of Nephilim (http://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/The_Nephilim) and to assassinate the Sith Lord Esoteric. Multi-source intelligence indicates that Esoteric will be conducting a meeting with ship builders on the planet of Kuat and you are to attempt the assassination there.


Once your team has moved into position you sensors identify the target, but you realize it is not the Sith Lord Esoteric, but a member of your Clan/House (You Pick). You utilize your comm and the unknown officer orders you to complete your mission on the identified target. Your hesitation arouses the suspicion of the Nephilim and you sense more than one of their weapons shifting in your direction. You hear a lightsaber ignite behind you (wait, there is a Force user in this group?).

What do you do? The Dark Council has tasked you to kill a member of your Clan/House and your team is expecting you to complete the mission. Will you remain loyal to the Brotherhood or to your Clan/House?

Platform: Fiction Rubric (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AkrPsJ1Xn54cdENjTU9uVFU0eGU4VF9XckF0LXZJWFE&usp=sharing). 1500 word minimum. 20,000 word maximum. Any word document program that I can read (Word, google docs, pdf).

The Way Ahead

Like a lot of you, I'm looking forward to the conclusion of Fading Light. It has been a long year of grading fiction, writing fiction, and setting up events. I'm pretty jazzed about moving onto some long overdue projects with Team ACC and Team Voice. I'm also looking forward to getting a few ideas off the ground and seeing if I can't talk the GM/DGM/SCL into helping me out.

One of these key ideas is the creation of a Fiction Society. The impetus of this idea came from members who were looking to put their fiction to use in a manner similar to how gamers can put their efforts to use in the GMRG. A group of individuals came together and began working on some ideas for a pretty unique set up and systems for this potential society. More to follow, but this is a long term goal and something I'd like to knock out before moving onto other avenues of DJB participation.

A second major project is increasing our fiction visibility in the greater Star Wars community. Admittedly, I haven't done the best job at this, but it is something we are continuously striving for. The Deviant Art Fiction entries have received some positive feedback and hopefully we can work upon that.

1) Dark Jedi Brotherhood Fiction Deviant Art: http://darkjedibrotherhood.deviantart.com/gallery/50021709/Fiction
2) Dark Jedi Brotherhood Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkjedibrotherhoodofficial
3) Dark Jedi Brotherhood Nova Entries (In the process of moving to Deviant Art): https://drive.google.com/?tab=mo&authuser=0#folders/0B0rPsJ1Xn54cWWlXVmxFM2k2amc 4) Capitalization Guidelines
5) ACC Feedback Form
6) ACC Guide
7) ACC Grading Rubric
8) Character Sheet Express Guide
9) Force Powers

The Voice's Word (:p)

The Dog Days of Summer typically bring about a lull in Dark Brotherhood activity. People go on vacation, people move, people start new jobs, and some people do all of those things. This happens every year and it happens to a lot of us. Unfortunately, DJB things can slip and their importance drop on the all important real life scale. But, you are well within your right to always expect more from Dark Council members and leaders of this club. The leaders of this club accepted the responsibility to provide you with a fun environment and do their jobs to the best of their ability. Yes it's a volunteer job, but it is one with responsibilities. So, if you are a leader and find yourself slipping, its better to move on over and give the next guy a chance.

No, I'm not retiring, but I have seen a lot of discussions about the volunteer aspect of our club and quite frankly a lot of those comments have little to do with being a DJB Dark Councilor. We owe you more and if we can't provide it, it is time to walk, Dog Days or not. I made the mistake of hanging around as a Dead-Beat DGM to Muz while I was in Afghanistan and that was unfair to Muz and unfair to our club. I think all of leaders from BTL on up should keep this in mind. Plus, this is my free section to preach :p


I'm semi settled in my new home and had a great weekend hanging out with Monty. I have yet to set up a desk for my computing needs and am typing this while sitting on a sweet little footstool (Boba Fett pillow is protecting my ass) and the laptop is propped in a window frame. I'm mIRC heavy once again and will also always be available to anyone at any time via multiple forms of communication (email, mirc, whatsapp, gchat, ect). I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and look forward to seeing where DJB goes this fall (GJW should have some mild surprises.....I hope).

If you can't reach me, please contact Mav or Monty. Quite Frankly, Mav and I share a lot of duties in both offices and he can answer pretty much anything you need. If you have an immediate CI need, Monty is your man!

Thanks guys/gals.

Darth Pravus

What a word. Also Mav sucks.

Wait, this is a volunteer club? Where have these paychecks been coming from, then?

Nice report, Sarin. Thanks to you and Mav for keeping the tournament moving forward.

Legorii brings up a great point. Once possessions/credits kicks in, leaders will be getting paychecks for holding their positions :P

Just like to say what a killer job Matt has done with this tournament. Mav and the ACC Team have been awesome as well. Thanks, gents.

With being a leader, seeing the activity and happiness of your members should be payment enough...

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