Voice Supplemental #14.1 - Kushiban Added


Voice Supplemental #14.1 - Kushiban Added


New Species - Kushiban

The Kushiban, a color changing rabbit species has been approved and released!



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Clan Plagueis will love this one.

I heard rumor about Hutts? Saw a screen-print, looked legit.

Cuteness overload!!!

Oh snap.

So cute!!

LEts go get the carrots!

Shouldn't this be in the Iron Menagerie? :P

Definitely not in Iron Menagerie :p

But I am very happy from this introduction.

I guess this means Hasenpfeffer, Welsh Rarebit and Conejo al palo are off food truck's the menu now

Well, this has to make Teebu a little less worried about being eaten.

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