Voice Supplemental #14.5 - Gamorrean Added


Voice Supplemental #14.5 - Gamorrean Added


New Species - Gamorrean

Another in the blitz of new species requests we’ve received, the Gamorrean, the wonderful piglike species has been added to our system.



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Oh, may be time to get that Beskar Axe.

Geez, Idris is just supplementing all over the place these days. :D


Gamorrean puns are a little boaring

I dunno Nora, I think they're just swine!

Keep 'em coming! Awesome!

Looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!

Yikes, t(r)ough crowd!

These puns are tough to wallow, they're quite poork.

Aaw, looky here! Ya all 'hogging' the limelight!

I'm a bit sow to this, but I think these jokes should be shoat to all in the brotherhood.

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