Voice Supplemental #7.1


Voice Supplemental #7.1


Hello Everyone,

I have some quick but fairly important news about the Character Sheet System. Until now, the options for gender selection in our system were limited to Male, Female, Unspecified, Asexual, Unknown, and Undefined. Not generally a component we regularly look at for the CS system, it had been some time since this list had been updated to better reflect options members may wish to use for their characters.

This list has now been updated with several of these options being removed: Unspecified, Asexual, Undefined.

Several new options have been picked and thanks to the coding magic of James they are live on the site for you to utilize. The new full list of gender options is Male, Female, Non-binary, Agender, Unknown, Intersex, Trans Male, Trans Female, and Genderfluid.

To utilize one of these options for your primary character, that can be done by going to your Admin Menu > Account and Profile > Edit Dossier. To use them on your Alt/NPC characters, this can be done by going to ÔÇťAdmin Menu > Characters > Additional Character Slots and NPCs and then clicking on the Manage Button for the character you wish to update > Character Details*

I want to also give a quick thanks to Dek Iron'yikut for initially pointing out that our list was dated, as well as providing the initial list for new options.


Thank you for reading. As always if you have any Fiction related questions, concerns, comments, snide remarks, feel free to message me on Telegram: @IdrisAdenn or send me an email [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


Awesome stuff!

Hell yeah! Thank you guys :D

Excellent. Thank you for taking the time to add that upgrade.

Greatly appreciated and very important. #Pride

I'll give you snide remarks!

On a serious note, well done Iddy. This is an important update.

Thank you for this! Is there a way to identify our own gender IRL in addition to our character or will it combine both?

Alaris, at present it's just your PC's gender for your dossier.

Thank you for updating the gender selection on the Character Sheet system to more more inclusive. Also, special shoutout to Dek for pointing out the dated list and providing the new options. It may seem like a small change to some, but this is amazing progress. Well done, team, and thank you for this.

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