Voice Supplemental #8.1 - LOREFEST


Voice Supplemental #8.1 - LOREFEST



LOREFEST has been a periodically joked about competition series to mirror gaming’s bonus cluster GOREFEST weekends. Lorefest will be a monthly held Voice-sponsored competition with prompts ranging from character development/history to important moments in both DB and SW lore. The goal is to provide a mix of fun and serious prompts in a low-stress environment. Lorefest will award bonus Clusters of Ice and First Level Crescents.

The very first Lorefest competition can be found here, with its details also listed below.

The topic for the month of September is The Variant: Joining the Brotherhood.

There are moments in every character’s history that mark a significant change. For members of the Brotherhood, one of the biggest events is finding and joining the Brotherhood, being assigned to a Clan, settling in with a new “family” comprised of other members. Yet where would they be if they never had?

Write about where the variant of your character of choice is in life having never crossed paths with the Brotherhood. Did they fade into obscurity, find inner peace, meet a violent end, obtain glory and honor?


  • Participants must submit entries in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format, or use the submission text field (markdown capable).
    • Any entries written in a GoogleDoc must be exported as a PDF for submission.
    • It is highly recommended to submit in a PDF format.
  • Entries must be a minimum of 500 words. Any entries that are under 500 words will be disqualified and ineligible for participation or placement.
  • There is no maximum word cap.
  • Your story must be centered on one of your dossier-linked characters, be it your Main, Alt, or other slotted NPCs. Additional NPCs, including ones listed on the wiki or created/invented to tell your story in this fiction, are allowed and strongly encouraged.
  • A snapshot of the primary character’s loadout must be selected and submitted with your entry via the checkbox submission field on the competition page.
  • This competition will award up to 4 bonus Clusters of Ice at a rate of 1 per 500 words.


Grading will be done utilizing the official Fiction Rubric.


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