Voice Supplemental #9.1 - End of Grandfathered Species


Voice Supplemental #9.1 - End of Grandfathered Species


Grandfathered Species - Part Two

As promised in the last report, The remaining grandfathered species have been reviewed and updated. These are live on the main site for use, as well as the complete removal of the Grandfather restrictions. There was a lot of moving stuff around so if you noticed I missed something, or there is an error with a display on something, please let me know. Changes are as follows.


The ‘Soup’ For You feat has been reworded to:

{{member}} can drink the ‘soup’ of an enemy to regain energy. Thus, {{member}} can use Mind Trick for the sole purpose of temporarily immobilizing a victim they wish to feed on and the stronger the victim's Resolve the more difficult the Mind Trick is. Feeding requires unbroken concentration, however, leaving {{gender:him,her,them}} vulnerable during the process.


The Rage Against The Jedi Machine has been reworded to:

Feeding on the same mistrust and animosity Bpfasshi foster towards the Jedi Order, {{member}} can channel {{gender:his,her,their}} Rage Power without any concentration when engaging in combat with someone they believe is a practitioner of the Jedi Order.


The Not Listening When You Say… has been reworded to:

The Epicanthix have a rare genetic resistance to mental intrusion from the Force. {{member}} has higher Resolve against intrusions of the mind through the Force, such as Force Interrogation and Telepathy, but not against Mind Trick, Illusion, or Terror.


The Shark in Skin Suits feat has been replaced with:

Distilled Beauty: The Hapan has spent generations selectively breeding to create "perfect" people. {{member}} can utilize {{gender:his,her,their}} above-average looks to augment {{gender:his,her,their}} Subterfuge Skill when trying to talk {{gender:his,her,their}} way out of sticky situations.


Both feats have been replaced.

Musical Words: Because of the natural drive present in all Khil, {{member}} is afraid of failure. {{gender:He,She,It,They}} {{gender:is,is,is,are}} likely to be overwhelmed in situations where {{gender:he,she,it,they}} might risk failure.

Hello Stranger: Khil are known for being dedicated, ambitious, and open to outsiders. This makes {{member}} a natural diplomat and thus {{gender:he,she,it,they}} {{gender:is,is,is,are}} able to perform better in situations that require dealing with those of differing backgrounds.


The description has been updated to reflect their new canon appearance;

The Omwati were lithe Near-Humans with blue skin and a bird-like appearance. They had a crown of feathers on their heads, spindly fingers, and beaks for mouths. They were native to the planet Omwat and were known for their intellect and natural talent for science, engineering, and music. Omwati children had incredibly pliant minds that, with the proper training, could retain data and be educated beyond the threshold of most other sentient species.


A “Dark Brotherhood Created Species” note has been added to its description.


Zelosians were not updated but have been unlocked from its Grandfathered status.


New Species - Firrerreo

A legends species (that has its homeworld name-dropped in new-canon) has been added as a new species option.



Thank you for reading. As always if you have any Fiction related questions, concerns, comments, snide remarks, feel free to message me on Discord or send me an email [Log in to view e-mail addresses].


Any chance relooking at the Anzat granted species feats and considering something less meh and more oomph? :p

The addictive tendancies has always turned me off and ive completely ignored it as it turns a "drink" into a "shit now I might want more" or " woo playing a casual game of pazaak? Nah better watchout or you get hooked on gambling". Seems so over the top just because they like/have to feed on soup.

Same with the "soup for you", its only purpose is for feeding and comes with a negative.

I'll take the bonus to subterfuge 🤘

These are the reviewed and revised Anzat feats. Soup for you provides access to a Mind Trick usage which gets balanced out with the draw back. As for the addictive tendancies, it doesn't say you are automatically addicted to something, but more susceptible to persuasion or influence in situations that CAN be addictive.

Plenty of species available have "negative" feats as well. These were key standout traits for the species that have been selected for use.

Alright, why wasn't something like "Telepathy" chosen as a boon or bonus, as this strengthened the older they got?

Also, could you give an idea how long someone is immobilized for feeding before being able to move again? That's one thing I could never figure out tbh. I don't believe its "slither in and suck suck suck for 10 seconds and slither back out" ? the wiki states "This action, however, required time and could not be rushed.". being immobilized for a "longer time period that cant be rushed" is just too huge a negative for a one trick "Mind Trick" ability, that's specifically tailored to only working when wanting to feed.

thanks for explaining the soup for you, I thought it was an instant "youre now hooked on this or that" thing.

This is awesome! Thank you!

More options are always solid content updates. ^^

Hope we will see more options in time as well. Thanks as always, Voice-folks!

Oooo, love that new Firreo species. That's actually super cool.

These are good changes, and the races feats balance out nicely. Very nice rework.

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