Void Squadron (Legendary Unit)


Void Squadron (Legendary Unit)


Today, I am honored to present the combined efforts of several members in Clan Arcona. This project was primarily driven by our own Rayze Erinos Arconae and Uji Tameike; however, they received a lot of assistance from Marick Arconae, Rhace Tarrin, and Nikola Valtiere. There are countless other individuals that participated in this document - providing tips, suggestions, and ideas. I want to thank everyone that contributed to this collective idea. Without your unique ideas... we cannot move forward. Without your work... we cannot accomplish anything. Keep those ideas coming!

This is our first Legendary Unit within Clan Arcona. While Battle Teams bring people together in unique formats and create small team cohesion, the aim of our Legendary Units is to provide people a place to come together where their interest (character perception) is the driving factor. This first unit focuses on piloting small crafts; thus, dubbed 'Ace Pilot' throughout its project phase. Members whom commit (read below) to certain standards on their Character Sheet/Character Development will be given access to these units. They will provide unique opportunities for the characters... and more unique opportunities for our members behind the characters.

If you are interested in joining Void Squadron, please e-mail the Consul ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Proconsul ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). It is at their sole discretion that members can be inducted into this prolific unit.

Void Squadron represents the finest in a tradition of ace pilots in Clan Arcona. They stand as the Clan’s best Starfighter personnel – the elite of the elite. Originally a Battle Team, the group now stands as a collective of pilots from across the entire Clan whom stand ready to defend the space supremacy of Clan Arcona and the Shadesworn. They are a Legendary Unit of the Dajorra Defense Force.



Void Squadron can trace its creation back to the battle against the Starfighter forces of Ge’tal Gaan in 35 ABY. For many years, the Arconan Starfighter forces had grown complacent without opposition from a superior foe. With the campaigns for the Reclamation of Antei, there had been little to test the Arcona Navy and the Arcona Starfighter Corps. The Invasion of Salas V and battles on Antei that had followed placed a greater emphasis on ground combat at the expense of aerospace operations, further degrading Starfighter readiness. The Dark Jedi of Arcona found it easy to eschew space combat in favor of more traditional martial roles. The desire to personally strike down an enemy with one’s own hand was for more tempting than Starfighter drills and space combat training.

During the Brotherhood’s assault on New Tython, nearly every single Dark Jedi made planetfall along with elements of the Arcona Army Corps. The few that remained behind in space were stationed aboard the various capital warships of the Clan’s fleet. Every Starfighter unit deployed in battle was made up of regular pilots lacking training with the Force. During the planning stages of the assault, this did not seem to be an issue as the Jedi defending New Tython possessed negligible space-based defenses. During the operation, however, this would change.

As Arconan ships began to deploy their troops and Force Users to the planet below, space forces of the Mandalorian Ge’tal Gaan exited hyperspace nearly on top of the Brotherhood fleet. The TIE Interceptors of Sin Squadron were among the very first to fall victim to the newcomers, but they would not be the last. While the combined Brotherhood forces would eventually overwhelm and rout the Mandalorian mercenaries, Arcona’s Starfighter forces ended up taking far higher proportional losses when compared to the Starfighter squadrons of the other Clans and the Navy of the Iron Throne.


Upon his ascension to leadership of Arcona – following the war and the death of Zandro Savric Erinos – the newly appointed Consul, Wuntila Entar Arconae, began to examine the shortcomings of the Starfighter contingent in Clan Arcona. The loss ratio was a stain upon the Clan despite an excellent campaign. Wuntila set about correcting it immediately. The acquisition of a full squadron of StealthX fighters gave him the tools to start Void Squadron – his solution to the problem. The StealthX’s requirements for Force trained pilots also enabled him to ensure that the vanguard of the Arcona Starfighter Corps would once again be Force Users.

His first appointment – to lead the squadron – was the Sith Solus Gar. He gave strict orders to recruit only the best and those whom had it within them to be the best. It was to be the equivalent for space of what Soulfire was on the ground. The training within the squadron would be second to none in the entirety of the Brotherhood. It would eventually permeate the entire Starfighter Corps of Clan Arcona. With their success, Clan leadership felt it was not merely enough to have one elite squadron; they issued a decree that Void would serve as the exemplar for other squadrons. In honor of his fallen predecessor in the previous war, Wuntila would allow for Nadrin Erinos Arconae to open the Savric Flight Academy – in honor of Zandro Savric Erinos. From this base of operations, they would be tasked with developing new and innovative Starfighter tactics for use by all of the Clan squadrons.

The Dark Crusade

During the Dark Crusade, Void Squadron undertook a variety of assignments: reconnaissance, air assault, escorts for high priority assets. At Krayiss II, the Squadron engaged the One Sith fleet, their efforts allowed many of Arcona’s troops and supplies to reach the planet’s surface intact. Although Clan Taldryan won the rights to govern Krayiss II, Void Squadron had proven itself instrumental for the Brotherhood’s victory upon the planet.

When the Arcona Expeditionary Forces reached their next planet, Void Squadron was better briefed. Not only would they be the tip of the spear in the initial space combat, but they would also take part in strategic attacks against One Sith positions planetside. The Squadron raced ahead of all forces to directly engage enemy forces over the planet of Rhelg; each pilot working in unison to eliminate the initial combat air patrol without loss. Flush with success, they would enter the icy atmosphere of Rhelg with their combat profile switching from dogfighting to bombing key targets on the surface. With little fuel to make multiple runs, Void Squadron was quick and ruthless in their assault. Before defense forces could organize, all of their targets had been neutralized. They had been successful in their mission once more, allowing Arcona Forces to land unhindered and begin the bloody assault on the ground.


The Ace pilot initiative is a selected group of specially trained pilots within Arcona’s armed forces who are tasked with the most dangerous missions. Each member is chosen to join the unit’s hallowed ranks based on their skills and history of excellence in space combat. This will also require sponsorship from a current Ace or Clan leader to be considered. The unit provides a dynamic of highly proficient and versatile pilots for the defense of Arcona and the Shadesworn.

The Why

With its prowess in space combat nullified by ever growing fleets in the Brotherhood, Wuntila created Void Squadron to consolidate his best and brightest pilots. Their example, though, would ripple throughout the Clan’s Navy as their legend grew with each successful mission. The unit, eventually, would succumb to its own success; pilots leaving for other units or higher responsibility within Clan Arcona. With the Fall of SCEPTER, Uji Tameike and Nadrin Erinos Arconae felt it was time for the Savric Flight Academy to reopen its doors and consolidate the Aces of Arcona.

Their first act was to examine the members of the Clan whom had already proven themselves in space combat. They would also take into consideration current and previous enrollees whom had passed with flying colors. This created a short list of legendary and capable pilots to reanimate Void Squadron – not as a Battleteam, but as a Legendary Unit of Clan Arcona. Amongst the initial enlistments were Nikola Valtiere and Rayze Erinos Arconae. Their first action as a unit would be the successful defense of retreating forces within the Darjorra System. The squadron fought bravely and experienced losses, but they allowed ships to flee danger from the chase of Perdition forces.

The How

To join the elite Squadron as part of the ACE Pilot Initiative, an individual must possess a verifiable skill of +2 Piloting (S) for initial entry into the group. In addition, the individual must be in good standing with Clan Arcona – at the discretion of the Consul and Proconsul – and have sponsorship from a pre-existing member of the Ace Pilot Initiative. If all of these requirements are met, a member can be introduced into the ACE Program within Abyss Squadron until they complete their evaluation for Void Squadron.

To earn entrance into Void Squadron, one must complete an ACE Contract in the Antei Contract Bureau (ACB) or increase their Piloting (S) to +3. This serves as a Test of Skill to prove one’s mettle as an exceptional pilot. Successful completion of this contract will move a member from Abyss (training) to Void (active) status. To continue to serve in active status, members of Void Squadron must participate in a quarterly run-on focused on a mission. If one cannot participate in the run-on, they must complete an ACE Contract in the ACB for the quarter.

The What

Not only will members be able to claim status as a member of Void Squadron, they will have access to specialized equipment and Starfighters. These member-only perks are designed not for advantage, but to honor the commitment and development of these members as pilots first. These should be seen as items of prestige, not power.

Stealth-X fighters are designed for use by Force Users of the ACE Pilot Initiative. These Starfighters have been given the ability of stealth, but at the expense of weaponry, shielding, and communications. These vessels are deadly in the right hands, but come with equal drawbacks to their strategic value. Due to the pre-requisite of being a Force User, individuals without the Force, or command of it, will not be permitted access to these ships.

B-Wing fighters serve as the heavy bombers of the ACE Pilot Initiative. They boast an exceptional payload of firepower relative to their size – lasers, ion cannons, warheads. When missions require targeted bombing runs or the destruction of heavily defended installations – to include capital ships – they B-Wings will be deployed.

XJ X-Wings are the most recognizable of Starfighters in the ACE Pilot Initiative. While not exceptional at any one trait, they prove serviceable in all mission profiles – making them the backbone of the Arcona Starfighter Corps due to their versatility, reliability, and availability.

For personal arms, there is the .48 caliber Enforcer slugthrower pistol also known as a Hydra within the ACE Pilot Initiative. The weapon features standard rounds capable of penetrating light armor. This weapon has been customized in design to represent a member’s standing in Clan Arcona as a member of Void Squadron. The original design and craftsmanship came under the steady leadership and vision of Arcia Cortel.


Void Squadron

Flight One

Void One: Nadrin Erinos Arconae (Void Leader)

Void Two:

Void Three:

Void Four:

Flight Two

Void Five: Nikola Valtiere (Flight Leader)

Void Six:

Void Seven:

Void Eight:

Flight Three

Void Nine: Rayze Erinos Arconae (Flight Leader)

Void Ten:

Void Eleven:

Void Twelve:

Abyss Squadron (Pending Evaluation)

In Memoriam (Deceased)

ACE Pilot: Need For Speed

A proud member of the ACE program, {{member}} is regarded as one of the Shadow Clan’s top pilots. {{gender:He,She}} embraces the reputation that comes with the designation, and is confident in {{gender:his,her}} skills when behind the controls of a starfighter. {[member}} is best known for being the fastest flier in the fleet. The same respect granted to an ACE pilot also brings with it the potential for jealousy from other pilots that do not bear the designation, which can sour first impressions when working with new fliers.

ACE Pilot: Can’t Touch This

A proud member of the ACE program, {{member}} is regarded as one of the Shadow Clan’s top pilots. {{gender:He,She}} embraces the reputation that comes with the designation, and is confident in {{gender:his,her}} skills when behind the controls of a starfighter. {[member}} is best known for being the best at pulling off tricky maneuvers when flying through obstacles or complications . The same respect granted to an ACE pilot also brings with it the potential for jealousy from other pilots that do not bear the designation, which can sour first impressions when working with new fliers.

ACE Pilot: Woo! / You Can Be My Wingman Anytime

A proud member of the ACE program, {{member}} is regarded as one of the Shadow Clan’s top pilots. {{gender:He,She}} embraces the reputation that comes with the designation, and is confident in {{gender:his,her}} skills when behind the controls of a starfighter. While {[member}} might not be as the best solo flier of the ACE pilots, {{gender:he,she}} is best known for being the best shot with a laser cannon and in support when covering {{gender:his,her}} fellow pilots. The same respect granted to an ACE pilot also brings with it the potential for jealousy from other pilots that do not bear the designation, which can sour first impressions when working with new fliers.

Braecen Kaeth
Quaestor, House Galeres of Clan Arcona

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