Wardens BTL Report #7: All quiet on the western front


Wardens BTL Report #7: All quiet on the western front


Wardens News:

-Really late report due to a LoA and RL. I'm really sorry cause Dinaari vs Ektrosis is over and we kicked ass. I wanna thank Retden, Dru, Cat and Sid for wiping the floor with Dinaari.

-Second, Sithmas is over and Cat brought in third, Sid got second in Make your attack. With all the activity on the fun comps I hope we bring our game to....


THE GREAT JEDI WAR (# 33 or something) -The DJB has broken into a civil war, falling into three factions: The loyalist following Grand Master Ashen, the New Order led by Sith Lord Esoteric and us, the rebels, following the one true Grand Master Jac Cotelin. A full read on the story can be found here

Current events are:

Round 1: Gaming

Round 1: GFX

Round 1: Fiction

Round 1: Puzzle

I want your best. But if you cant give your best I want your mediocrity. This is a group effort so every submission counts. Do all things!

Star Wars News:

-I got nothing for a change


The Great Jedi War trumps all. And as always you can go to https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/competitions for all the DJB comps.


Shaz'air -CR-1E for 2nd place in Make Your Attack, Cr-1T for third place in Hunt the Jedi #18

Raistline -CR-1T for The night of sithis lil helper, CR-1S for Make your Attack, forced by Dru to finally get a character sheet

Dru -Participated in hunt the jedi 18, you better not breathe, he'll hunt you down and blast your ass, he knows when your on the can, Hunt the Jedi #19, and the funniest meme challenge

Retden -Cr-1E for Gather your supplies

Catmatui -CR-1S for Gather your supplies, CR-1E for you'd better off dead, CR-1S for Holiday Bash final, CR-1S for he knows when your sleeping, participated in make your attack

KE Raistline Majere

Good work recently team!

well done lads, good report raisty :)

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