Wiki Report #19: Blink And You'll Miss It.


Wiki Report #19: Blink And You'll Miss It.


A short report for an abbreviated month. The one thing I did want to highlight, however, is how seamlessly people, both at the personal and Clan levels, have integrated Possessions into the DJB wiki. The staff and I haven't seen any examples of anyone gaming the system, and everyone seems to be respecting the efforts that Evant and his staff have put into the new system they've created for the Brotherhood. Good show, everyone!


Wiki Projects

  • Ship Audit/Canonizing: Lead - Bentre, Asst. Tasha'Vel. Auditing all past ships to either designate them as Legends content articles (with appropriate tags and categorization) or removal of Legends continuity info from those articles. Ben will be contacting Clan leaders on this project.
  • HTML replacement: Lead - TBD. Many templates used across the wiki still use HTML formatting as opposed to Mediawiki markup. Those templates will be updated. Additionally, there are still pages on the wiki that date to the restoration of their content from Google caches after the wiki crash many years ago that still use HTML content. Those pages will also be updated to mediawiki markup.


This month’s featured article another one of Odan-Urr's new locations: Sky Breach Base. This article is a stellar example of what a location article should be. It contains a lot of detail on the physical location itself while also covering the denizens of the location that don't warrant their own independent pages. It paints a detailed picture for anyone who wants their character to wander about in Sky Breach Base.

As for our Wikipedian of the Month, I'd like to once again highlight the drudge work that's being done on our Wiki by those that aren't on the staff. This is honestly the sort of work that often gets overlooked or simply never gets done at all. The DJB Wiki is, at it's heart, a user generated document that with few exceptions is something that any user can improve without any staff access. Morax Darkblade made a ton of these sort of cleanup edits this month, so he's earned himself a scroll for his efforts!


Final Words

Monthly Reminder: The wiki staff as a whole is always here to give you a hand with wiki questions. Hit us up on telegram (many of us are on there often/always/too much), and even if the staffer you catch doesn’t know the answer they’ll track me down and make sure you get an answer. We’re there to help you guys out, so don’t hesitate!


Thanks for your work!

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