Wiki Tribune Report #2: Summer Amongst the Stacks


Wiki Tribune Report #2: Summer Amongst the Stacks


Happy June to you all from my office on Arx! I hope that all ye lighties, darkies and grayfolk have been enjoying yourselves since our last report. It has been a quiet month for the wiki, as is more or less standard for the summer, but the staff has not been idle. Projects have continued in the background, and I have watched the Clans and our staff slowly working toward a nicer, cleaner Wiki.

Given the summer season, this report might be considered a little shorter than I hope to make others, but I am still here to keep you all up to date on all things Wiki.

Wiki Policy Changes

Well, I am not going to talk so much about any policy changes this time. Rather, I wanted to hit on an old policy that has been missed a bit. This one is not so much of a big deal, exactly, but I prefer to operate with a good bit of transparency as I am acting to rectify this small issue. For you see, one of the things that I have been noticing is that a fair number of our members have names that differ from their dossier account. I will cite the wording of the Wiki’s Code of Conduct:

DJB members are expected to use their DJB Character’s Name as their login name.

As such, I will be changing outdated Wiki Account names to coincide with their dossier designations. This is a measure which makes it easier for me to easily track who is changing what on the Wiki as a whole. Given as how it should not affect the membership as a whole as end users, I wanted to at least make you all aware of possible changes to your Wiki account for, again, the sake of transparency.



Greater Ease of Navigation On the Wiki: Learning time for Wiki staff. There are options, but they are more involved than initially figured. This is on the backburner for now, but not forgotten.

Perpetual Wiki: Things have been going at a nice clip, with Wiki Staff making up some ground alongside the Clans.

Project Shift: Things will be moving to Arx. Give it time. We should have it done by August. PERPETUAL WIKI takes precedence.

Codex pages: Straightforward, it needs to be updated. Two weeks and i hope we can have this done. An ideal goal, but I feel certain it should be done in pretty short order.

Brotherhood Guidelines Category update: Pages that are rather bare and/or missing information in some cases. So it will be a general update of all things under this umbrella.

Wiki-Sponsored Summer Spectacular: COMING SOON. (should be some fun for everybody, I hope)

I do have a few other ideas, but they have to pass through the crucible of Mav before I can chat up about them in a report. Check back here in July where we can keep you updated on projects new and old!


This month’s Featured Article comes from Clan Odan-Urr. The House Satele Shan page is a pretty concise example of a balance between pictures and text or between detail and obscurity for an individual unit page. This page works very well as a cover page for the Clan without being needlessly wordy. It is a good source for those unfamiliar with the unit to familiarize themselves, and thus after some consideration it was chosen for this month’s Featured Article.

As for our Wikipedian of the Month, I would like to present our very own Wally. Even in this relatively quiet point in the Wiki, Wally continues to fine tune and adjust the Wiki pages associated with his office, particularly in refining our Fiction Center.


Wiki Tips of the Month

The tip for this month is pretty simple. When you edit your page, there is a preview button that is available when you go to edit your page. Looking through the Recent Changes logs, I have noticed a number of members make minor edits, making some 10 character to 30 character changes, in a string of 5 to 10 plus changes chained. Pages are patrolled by individual changes. So, if something goes awry, it helps us to help you set things to right if we have less logs to go through.

Otherwise, I want to remind folks that my box is always open. I have had more folks hitting me up in PM, asking for help, and I want to reiterate that either myself or my team are willing to help with questions/concerns/inquiries or whatever if you should feel the need. Another quick resource you can access is the Wiki Tutorial. Even I have to use it sometimes when something is on the tip of my tongue, or if I am switching between Markdown and Wiki Markup and find myself stuck on how to do an external link on the wiki, for example.


Final Words

Remember: the Wiki is a collaborative project. We all contribute to it. The Wiki team helps to ensure that things are kept orderly, but the Wiki belongs to everyone. It is a chance for everyone to help build and grow the corner of a galaxy far, far away that we inhabit. Even if you are just creating a page for your character or an NPC, you are helping to further outline and define that world. Don’t have fear to add to the Wiki. If there is something amiss, we might revert the change and get a chance to talk to you about the change but that should not dissuade you from contributing!

And do not forget:

If you have a Wiki problem...if no one else can help...and if you can contact us... you can hire....... The Wiki Staff team.

In the meantime I remain as ever, Yours In Darkness,


Awesome report Bentre!!! :) Thank you for the Wiki tips.

Sweet report.

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