Wiki Tribune Report #4: History Belongs To the Brotherhood


Wiki Tribune Report #4: History Belongs To the Brotherhood


Greetings again from the Tribune’s office on Arx. As the lull of summer has dragged on, the Wiki has been quiet, but not silent. We have a few things to update on and a bit to announce before myself and the Wiki Staff turn you lot loose for another month.


Wiki Policy Changes

There are no notable Wiki Policy changes coming about this month. There will be a review of the criteria for Featured Articles to update the standards to reflect what we are looking for in a Feature. There are a number of pages that are close to what I am looking for in a page, but I want to be sure we have it clearly documented before enforcing a new or revised standard.



Greater Ease of Navigation On the Wiki: Research continues into what would be the best way to address this.

Perpetual Wiki: A lot of the ground work has been completed. The project is still not totally completed…

Project Shift: Work continues.

Codex pages: The majority of this has been done, but part of it depends upon <redacted>.

Brotherhood Guidelines Category update: Pages that are rather bare and/or missing information in some cases. So it will be a general update of all things under this umbrella. Some ground being made up. Still under work.

Wiki-Sponsored Fall Festival: Planning stages. Expected launch date: November 1st. Baring any complications.

As ever, I do have a few other ideas, but they have to pass through the crucible of Mav before I can chat up about them in a report. Check back here in a month where I hope to keep you updated on projects new and old!


Featured Article and Wikipedian of the Month

This month’s Featured Article comes in the form of the Darkblade page. This page covers the moves and emotional ups and downs of the Anzati Dark Jedi in a way that is a fair template for members wanting to get one idea for how they might set up their own Wiki page. The article covers the course of various events that the character was involved with in appropriately narrow scale, without distancing the Anzat from the larger narratives.

Also worthy of recognition for his contributions to the Wiki is Scholae Palatinae’s Raiju Kang. Raiju has helped to keep portions of the Wiki updated for his Clan, and notably a couple of months ago was the member to nominate Mune Cinteroph’s page as a candidate to be Featured. For his work, I wish to thank him.

For that matter, I offer you both my thanks and congratulations on your Dark Side Scrolls. Your awards are in the mail!


A Change in Staff

I would like a moment to thank Tasha’Vel Versea for her service to the Wiki Staff for a bit over a year of service. She has helped coordinate with Clans for the Perpetual Wiki Project, helping us to make quite a bit of ground with Odan-Urr and Scholae Palatinae.

We will not be filling her empty seat at this time. In a few months time, we will see where our project needs exist. Stay tuned for more details.


Final Words

The Wiki is a living document. It is a place full of many small stories, which revolve or intertwine with the larger stories, and with each other. The Wiki does not exist in a vacuum. I can comb over the Wiki to see what articles deserve to be featured, but members are welcome to nominate a a page that you find particularly exemplary. I have said it before, and will continue to do so: I have seen some people's pages grow as their characters grow, and enrich and evolve as their characters do the same. Maybe it is the role-player in me, but it brings me a small bit of pleasure to see people enriching their characters and hopefully their experiences in the Brotherhood by further crafting and defining their in-club persona.

The Wiki is a big, collaborative work. I hope that you will all help us to fill it up, and help enrich this our corner of the galaxy. We all have a part in writing history. I hope that you all will seize the opportunity.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want a bit of help in getting something completed- I have had some members ask me “how” questions on the Wiki- my email and Telegram PM boxes are opened. My staff and I are more than able to help you out should you need us.

In the meantime I remain as ever, Yours In Darkness,


Awesome wiki report Bentre!!! Congrats on the DS's Darkblade and Raiju!! :)

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