Wiki Tribune Report #6: Bear the Tales


Wiki Tribune Report #6: Bear the Tales


And a happy, snowy January to all our members- both Dark, Gray and even icky Lighty-types! Reporting from his dusty office on Arx as he oversees the Holocron Library, this is your Wiki Tribune. In the course of this report I am going to highlight some folks and pages and talk a bit about a big-gish change that is going to be happening on the Wiki side.

No fancy theme this time lads, lasses and all ye others. I am going to play this one pretty straight as I spent a good while looking over what I have planned and myself and my staff have a bit of work ahead of us.


Wiki Policy Change: Character Types

This one is pretty straight forward. With the change from Dark/Gray Jedi to the more mysterious Force Disciple. Now, this will bring a bit of a change to the Character Info Box. I will be briefly touching upon that a little further down. Anyhow, there is the change of policy to address. Moving forward, characters will no longer be sorted into Dark Jedi and Gray Jedi types. Pretty straight forward, newly created pages will need to be sorted instead into the Force Disciple character type. If not, well you will get a smack on the bum and sent to bed without dessert!

But nah, seriously, your page is subject to editing to rectify the issue as it will create a broken category/link issue that really ruffles the Tribune’s feathers. More of a heads up than a strict policy “change” but I like to keep you lot up to date on SOP.

Wiki Change: Character Infobox Template

Pretty straight forward. There will be edits made to the infobox template that will create a lot of red links. This will mean a lot of work for the members of my Wiki team. Now, if you would like to go into your page- for you Gray and Dark Jedi types- and change your type to Force Disciple, that will be one less page that we will have to fix.

As I look at untangling some of the unintended knots of the Wiki, I have run into a lot of redirects. While they are useful for thinks like directing Arcona to Clan Arcona or Naga Sadow to Clan Naga Sadow, it can also create a lot of unnecessary complications when that redirect is to a single page or a handful of pages. In any case, the fewer redirects the more easily we can also figure what all is linked to a page for the purpose of Wiki work.

So, there will be some broken links and things, but do not worry your collective heads about it. There will be a period of transition for Gray and Dark Jedi as we do some tweaking with the Wiki before things return to a relative calm.



Disciples: A New Order: Wow, that sound like the title to a really ‘meh’ indie RPG, doesn’t it? But alas, this is but the project that had been mentioned above. Basically fixing the template and then shifting folks from their current category to the new one as is needed. QUEUED

Greater Ease of Navigation On the Wiki: Part of this will involve some Wiki staff busy-work since it does not appear I can make some of the changes I would like to without some Seneschal back-end changes. So the status on this is OUTGOING/QUEUED as I want a few other things tackled before we move onto that bundle of fun.

Perpetual Wiki ONGOING*. As it says on the tin.

Project Shift: ONGOING* (need to chat up the relevant members of the DC-proper about a few points about this as well)

Codex pages: MOSTLY COMPLETE* as some elements depend on content that is being deployed or worked on by other offices of the Brotherhood

Brotherhood Guidelines Category update: Ongoing

Historical Review: Not exactly a project unto itself so much as a mission. There are lots of things all over the Wiki that are old, antiquated, or just plain out of date. After we make sure we have covered DJB-wide events, I hope to coordinate with my staff and the Clans to help get the whole of the Wiki updated in this manner. That last part is more of an ideal, and there is still much to do. Thus for now, i will leave its status as ONGOING.

Given the “living document” realities of working on the Wiki, there are always little things that will be changing or updating. To get a good idea of how things are moving forward, keep reading future Wiki Tribune reports!


Featured Article

There are a few articles we will be recognizing this month. I will touch on each of these in turn, given that we are recognizing four pages: one for October, November, December and January.. As such, I am going to be a little more brief than normal, but without further ado...

For October, none other than our own Wally, in the form of the Marick Tyris has earned the Dark Side Scroll for the Wiki Page of the Month.

November’s Wiki Page of the Month is Kagu Shi, contributed for primarily by Justinios Taldrya Drake. While a brief NPC page, it is to the point, and would allow any member to pick up the NPC character sheet and use it in a fiction. It can be upheld as a decent example of an NPC wiki page!

For the December Wiki Page of the Month, Andrelious J Mimosa-Inahj fit the bill. It details the history of Andrelious pretty thoroughly and fits the style standards that can help to define a DB Wikipedia page of the month.

And for the month of January, the page Alethia Archenksova was selected for the page of the month. A concise, but detailed page which also provides an excellent example where a page has references in a style consistent with Wikipedia/wikia pages to cite sources supporting the article itself. As far as Featured Articles during my tenure as Wiki Tribune go, this page stands out for this particular feature.


Wikipedian of the Month

January’s Wikipedia of the month is none other than Kadrol Hauen. He worked to help improve the Wiki, and stood out for the details of his contributions. Edits like the ones he has made help to keep the Wiki up and live.


Final Words

Really, the Wiki by and large speaks for itself. Remember, it can, along with the character sheet, help to flesh out and explain our characters and their place in this big, bad galaxy. The Wiki can serve to preserve our history, to tell our stories in ways that can be easily digested, and to help craft yet another facet of our collective world. Across the Clans, we have our stories to tell. Across the Brotherhood, we bear our own tales. Even in an age where the Character Sheet serves as a brief ‘who is this’ about the abilities and the personalities- to a degree- of our characters, the Wiki allows us to chronicle our histories and to keep those stories alive. It is not a replacement by any means to the main systems of the Brotherhood, but an excellent supplementary tool.

I hope that you will join many others in continuing the narrative, telling your stories, and bearing your tales- together. The Wiki may be a quiet place at many times, but it is by no means dead. I look forward to seeing what you all contribute to it in the months to come.


And hey, whether you have questions, comments, praise or whatever, feel free to comment. If you want some help with any aspect of the Brotherhood/Wiki I am able to, you can also email me. I am also pretty available most days on Telegram, time zones aside. Whatever problems that might crop up, I can assure that either my staff or myself are more than willing to help should you need us.

In the meantime I remain, once again as ever, Yours In Darkness,


/me changes pages

lots of exciting changes a-happenin!

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